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LGBT over nuclear Families

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The recent outcries and public campaigns for and against LGBT’s have been heightened at a dilemma from both sides but the affects on future children are being severely ignored by recent movements of politicians and well known influencers ranging from artists, Youtuber’s and Instagramers who are backing the recent uproar of the LGBT community. When you mention a nuclear family, you often have the typical image of two parents and children in mind but this traditional nuclear family is past the verge of been instinct, a total collapse of the foundation pillar of a family, but considering the high divorce rates, increase in homosexuality posed as a norm across media, schools and societies and the acceptation of same sex marriages as a whole has led to a destabilisation of a concrete society and has been replaced with damming ideologies forced upon children.

The ‘nuclear family’ was the perfect fit for capitalism and the culture of individualism and wealth, handy little self-contained units collecting lots of stuff for their little houses, the only financial commitment being to consume, without the hassle of extended commitments but in the past decades these families have gone through major changes in their structure caused by divorce and many more reasons often leading to single-parent families, remarriages, and resulting in extended families. Extension of families has its flaws but in the ideal recession and the lack of morals we live in it could be the ultimate hold to stability. However the reasons, this was just the surface of dilemmas which was to come when the LGBT be it same sex couples or trans fought the right as their ultimate demand to be able to raise children in the same moral entitlement given to the opposite sex couples.
These sacred ideologies from traditionalists and religious sectors are the backbone to the society we have lived in for thousands of years, the law of creation, a marriage between man and women and the upbringing of children regardless of issues that come along, but certain communities have decided to unjustly deny scientific facts, trash upon the basics of morals and disregard children’s future for their own agendas and lusts. Denying the children of basic human experience of a mother and father and common sense yet is being increasingly denied by people who insist on putting adult desires above rights of children.
Unfortunately, we live a demoralised fast paced society who are adamant on changing old laws without justification, to agree with a right of few over the majority. Some advocates of gay politics have the ambition to destroy to the traditional nuclear family overall, where Court backs gay marriage and says divorce may strengthen family life. Lord Wilson, of the Supreme Court, says “divorce may strengthen family life”, when these people have permeated the highest levels in the judiciary to shamelessly preach and promote their warped views of the world the lesser communities have to obey. But the promotion of homosexuality in the open, from sports to the very media that controls our lives gives it to the masses. The typical American sitcom ‘The modern family’ is a feeding ground to these issues in open of two gay men who adopt a little girl as their own thus promoting the perfect family in the world we live in be it your very own neighbour.

Controversial multiple studies including one from D. Paul Sullins, have shown damning evidence of long term damage to children grown as adults, from abuse to depression, suicide and a confusion state. The ratio is uneven and the fact that a child placed in a same sex couple environment will grow up to be gay or lesbian themselves is considerably high, the evidence that trans parents grooming children to make a child change their gender is abnormal and wrong in all ways. Such intentional treatment of a child classifies as emotional abuse, a form of child neglect. The mental health effects that LGBT parents exert on their children has been at the root of the debate over the right to marriage equality by LGBT couples but without a advocate voice rising against these people who regard their own policies on children one cannot change. The mental construction of a male and female are vastly different, therefore the upbringing of child has many outcomes emotionally and mentally which is coded in our human nature and even those of the animal kingdom, and if we were to change the divine laws of nature one cannot predict the outcome. Everything in a persons life has an effect. To what extent is unknown but to dwell in it knowing it is wrong is not only stupidity but ignorant.
We live in a fragmented society, with many people living busy isolated lives and impoverished lives one does not know ones neighbours, where children are begging to be placed in stabilised home when living a life in foster care. It may be so, never the less a man and women who bring up a child has benefits one cannot state.

Homosexuality and acceptance of same-sex marriages is not the only reason for the nuclear family breakdown but it is being fuled with the liberal democratic family where the newly elected “parent” moves in and the natural parent moves out. Hence the divorce rates and remarriages, leading to step parents, step children and half siblings. It fragments the family into bits all over, destabilising the family as a whole and this is the issue which the LGBT community has taken advantage off. With support from political movements to achieve their next vote and media influencers to have more followers it has created a widely accepted belief that children are much better off without any evidence but any research done can in a matter of fact condemn you and cause legal actions against you, where the very question of free speech and right of religious thoughts are thrown out the window and trampled over. However one should remain steadfast that nature does has its way because no matter what society does and what we want, nature has its way of preserving what is rightfully right and what is wrong.

Society only accepts what it is taught and the more power these LGBT communities get, the more the global political correct elite declassify laws, the more that is done to accept forced change, the less decent, the less compassionate and the more decadent society will become. If certain laws are passed from high officials giving the green light, the wider the phenomenal will be.

Published and Edited: Mary S (Editor)
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3 Comments on LGBT over nuclear Families

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic // August 12, 2014 at 4:46 pm //

    In my humble opinion:

    I think any child would benefit from having two parents (traditional or same-sex) that are focused on their emotional and mental development.

    Far too often we see a single parent or a dysfunctional “traditional” family that neglect their parental responsibilities and the child is the one the ultimately suffers for that.

    We say that love is color blind. Why can’t it also be blind to sexual orientation?


  2. True, love is colour blind. I tend not to be biased but I do give my opinions on topics that do hit hard to me. Although seeing it from one point of view, we cannot determine this new trend lets say of having same sex parents will be good for children, the results will take time. Although we might give the same love and care to the children, their would always be in my opinion a lot of things that would be lacking and missing in their lives, although personally I don’t think this is right. It would be good for a change to see encouragement of families coming together like they were then influences on other aspects. so strictly putting love to one side, been parents to children is on another level, which definitely needs male and female parents.


  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic // August 12, 2014 at 6:29 pm //

    I do understand the role of the “male” parent in the family (as a father of two kids, I see the need). I am not contrasting the merits of traditional vs non-traditional parenting but more stating that I feel non-traditional parenting is potentially more beneficial than a single parent or dysfunctional-traditional family situations.


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