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The bad, the ugly and the good use of Social media


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Social networking is crippling our society that we have created a generation of self obsessed narcissists to such a state that we do not condemn it but encourage it as a goodness in revoloution but it is far from it. It is a simple disillusion tool living out reality and thus selling your lives so cheap as a whole to people you do not even know who predict your very next move.  This tool and utility connects other using different platforms but the concept is the same, a dominating factor not surprising in which we are glued like magnets to whichever screens in front of us, trapped in a reality that may seem a need more than a want, a perception of fake or other peoples reality which is so distorted making it seem so real as if you are living it.

Can you recall the last time your phone wasn’t within earshot. 25% of people can’t remember not having their phone with them, there are probably very few times when they’re not connected to the web in some way. As soon we re not on the web and don’t have access to social networking our hearts start beating erratically, out of control loosing sense to do anything; anything normal that is and if you define normal they wouldn’t know, why?

Because it has become a part of our lives, an addiction, manipulated by the multi million dollar companies and elites and manufactured by technology companies using the general public as testing rats, after all we’re all connected to it from the day we are born, to home or work lives, to where we eat, where we shop, to our social habits and hobbies and our political parties, making us unescapable to live freely and thus making it virtually to live without. Not only have we opened up our lives to complete strangers behind screens but this has manipulated our very ability to communicate as normal humans in society. You have networking causing teens and children to have less face-to-face conversations because instead of talking face-to-face they are instead using technology to communicate hindsight developing poor spelling due to spell-check and poor social skills due to not talking in person. This has made young generations prone and adapt to being weak in how they think and how they socialise, building a generation unable to think a mind-set on its own. There can never be balance in a world which is filled with pressures on people to compete, showcasing their lives as an object and blending in a society which judges your every move.

It has its uses in an environment where daily tasks seem to have its dependability on networks but it also turns people into robots unable to comprehend the very basis of emotions and compassions leading a life of vulnerability, loneliness, depression and even suicide just to fit in, and be like others who are already competing against what they see on Instagram.  An analysis of 15 studies found that increased media exposure, including television, movies, video games, and the Internet, was associated with violent behaviour and isolation.  Another study of adolescent girls found that the more they used texting, instant messaging and other social media to discuss their problems, particularly romantic difficulties, the more depressive symptoms they presented

The question is this, is social networking changing our lives or is it destroying our lives, they both weigh the same on the plate.

  • What would people really do face book you and chat or come around to meet you in person.
  • It now takes less than 10 seconds to get any answer your looking for just by going on the web, how about actually going out their and finding the answers yourself. Its called research. But as long as you can do everything while in bed, that’s ok by some
  • Good thing is you meet people, socialise with people half away across the planet without knowing them or seeing them face to face. We can pour our hearts out to a complete stranger without getting too emotionally attached, and that’s is the definition of coming a long way, in essence your life is an open book for people to criticise and judge

Theoretically it is easy to assume that we as individuals are missing out on the real world of emotions and communications, but an outrage for a hour or two can make you feel like a  complete alien in your own world, Thus creating emotions that were not there, not being able to cope but breaking away from your social networks allows your mind to absorb new material like oxygen. However the limit has exceeded to such an extreme that the very technology revoloution that were made to create a better world have instead created a society of obsessive idolising individuals who are crippling the society around us and creating a fake life we do not have just to fit in as we are giving attention to an invisible audience rather than our own, thus we have converted things like human tragedy contents just to suit our own needs of frustration. Technological companies who are profited alliance their hands to secret services who in turn monitor our whole turns disregarding the issue of how these networks are giving birth to a society so destructive and unable to fend for themselves.

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