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Graveyard of Titans

To believe everything you read in a textbook is saying to see from one eye. Either the whole story is not told by academics or simply buried and nullified as pure myth to answers they cannot justify as a means to being outside the boundary of reality.

Everything that is theorized about the foundation of pre-humanity cannot be nullified if only one was to take a closer look at the very ground that surrounds us. The debate of old creatures be in myths that are known as titans, giant trees, questioning mud fossils and creature like formation of pre-rock structures around us gives us an idea of pre-flood earth that is not included in any academic level at all let alone talked about. One could justify the evidence as coincidence, wave patterns of our brain enables us theoretically to see formations on objects the human eye is use to or the fact that nature itself creates its own formations on earth over a period of time.

In a technological age one has its advances against going against by which we have been taught in the worldview perceptive thus questioning those whose seemingly know the answer to life and its origins. But could this be far from the truth, is it so hard to grasp the idea that huge trees, Titans and extreme giants once ruled earth. Not only that but also somehow the biological chemical if what somehow differed to enable them to turn into rock. With pioneering gadgets, micro super cameras with intensive lens we can now see above and further than our eyes allow us and the easy availability to travel allows us to reach places which were once seemed inevitable. This is no outer solar system but our very earth which is still deemed a mystery.

As a molecular biologist would state in order that giants would have been roaming around on earth there must be a viable DNA that could be distracted from the subject to confirm this. However, rock is not organic therefore getting DNA from crystallized rocks is not an easy task and that all impossible if what, so until there is evidence from enough data huge giants cannot be taken in consideration even as a subject to be talked about, as it would be very controversial without an inch of data considering no sane scientist would agree that organic being (giants) turned into inorganic matter (rocks). But can this statement somehow be open if there was be a possibility?

In saying that, there have been found ‘some’ high concentration of living biological material in sound samples that have been tested by either individuals or groups missioned to task the evidence of giants and other creatures such as dragons not only pre-existing but are now a somewhat fossil or a rock but this still is not enough to provide DNA samples to give hard core data.

The real challenge is trying to prove a theory, in which organic beings that were organic, carbon-based life forms turned into rocks; mud fossils.” One possible explanation would be that these beings were not carbon-based life forms to begin with but silica, or other entities or something else based that is out of our current understanding and if this is a possibility why then are academics, researchers and scientists shunning the very idea of this possibility. Could it be that centuries old textbooks would evidently be challenged or the fact that they simply don’t have a clue about pre-flood earth and are simply avoiding the easiest answer.

The thought of giant statues that were once living is both an interesting yet terrifying thought, yet we have independent researches who give in their time and present some evidence to be seen but not enough to be heard and are often shunned and debated for not having scientific research but is independent research any less of evidence. If not so, it does scratch the surface to answers others are avoiding.

Roger spurr of the mud fossil university has been an independent researcher and you-tuber for some time, with interesting results stating the following:

“One small step for Human Kind…One Giant leap for the Human mind”
In 2012 a discovery was made that had deep meaning if true. It was a Giant human hand about 36 inches wide and very clearly human. DNA tests and cat scans and autopsy anatomists all certified it as 100% human and the DNA was 100% modern human mt DNA. My research turned up more and more material evidence. I recreated the soft tissue preservation mud fossil process in my lab and from chicken it yielded feldspar and limestone as I expected. After several years examining rocks and chemistry and Biology and Geology and Anatomy …Space and Cosmology and Comets and Meteorites …Mars the moon and Earth……I realized the Earth is biological and so are comets and meteorites. I read everything from the past Hesiod, Herodotus, Solon, Plato, Ovid, the Vedics and Norse and then Velikovsky and Worlds in Collision and all the ancient texts day and night. They all had similarities about “Giants In the Earth”. Were the Ancient accounts of Gaia and Titans and Biblical stories and tales of old factual?
Yale and the rest refused to examine. I tried to present these specimens to Yale University 5 years ago but was told they were not biological. Told DNA tests must be wrong and no need to waste time examining. I contacted every University almost and never a response except a universal condemnation of God and creation from any Academics that I was able to corner. They heard Giant Humans and saw God/Creation connection. This research destroys Academic credibility and now by turning their backs they themselves proved my claims of 5 years. That claim was truth means nothing to those that we trusted to teach truth. To date not a single University will respond at all or examine these findings and specimens.
The fact is that anyone speaking against the “Standard Model” in any science will be destroyed and jobless….by his friends and peers. At MFU the Standard Model is “All life is matter and all matter is of life substance and all life substance was created by an unknowable Power called God All Mighty
From MFU

JayDreamerZ a well-known You-tuber whose keen interest in these topics discusses what he thinks about the subject:

Giants of various sizes once existed in large numbers across our Realm. Nearly every culture I have ever researched has legends and lore about creatures of enormous size and strength. There was a world, forgotten and wiped from history, where the existence of giants and titans was common knowledge. The people of the time knew which areas were safer to live in than others. They knew much more about the giants than we do today. But by using comparative mythology, examining new evidence and artifacts, and allowing our creative minds to play detective along with our reasoning… we are rediscovering the truth about the hidden past of this world.
In short, the Titans were the largest of all. They were the forerunners of sentient beings to inhabit this Realm. They were the molders and shapers of the world. Much of the strange geography of today can be attributed to the Titans of old. You must keep in mind, that this Realm, the way it once was, during the time of the Titans and Giants, would not be recognized by us today. If one were able to see it, one would think one was dreaming. It is only even hinted at in some of the more creative aspects of the “fictional” movies of today. All religions refer to it as the “garden”, Utopia, Arcadia and Paradise. It was lush with flora and fauna that would make us feel like ants, today. In this Sylvan garden world, the smaller giants (the gods) made their home. Eventually, as factions arose between the Titans, the safe havens of the gods became threatened. War broke out. The classic war between Titans and Gods climaxed as devious weaponry was created to wipe out the opposing sides. (Weapons that could only be described as “magical” to us, today, due to knowledge we have not yet attained to) The losing side, along with much of the rest of the world that had been caught up in the war, turned into stone, petrifying and giving rise to the age of stone, or “stone age”. Survivors had made it underground or to the highest mountain peaks, finding a new home in each of those places. The gods would be remembered for having lived in these areas, and their sylvan, forest world, was forgotten.
The surviving giants were not frail carbon-based beings like the humans. It is speculated that they (along with the rest of the world from their time) were silicon based. Having a human-like form (the truth of which is reverse) but looking distinctly different. The skin was protected as a scale-like substance and shimmered in a certain light. The humans would call them the lizard or fish gods. They were stronger, smarter, faster…. they were the super heroes or super villains of old. The archetype of our saviors and demons. Men built them houses called temples. Men built colossal statues of them, life sized. They were the mighty ones of old. They were the giants; furthermore, the legends agree…. they will return.
-JayDreamerZ, “Ancient Oblivion”.

Giants/Titans rock formation/ Getty images

So is the earth made of giants as ancient texts state or is this simply a natural phenomenon, truth is if we want to study this subject seriously, then we need to use the appropriate scientific techniques and approach this topic in a rational manner but open and not brushed aside as speculation or irrational theory. But theories always have its foundation from myths and from myth telling and religious books such as the book of Enoch, to the old testament the Anakin race or Nephilim’s, to Greek mythology of Titan races. Regardless of what, we are now seeing amazing captures of humanoid, animals, dragons across the earth and not forgetting the natural world of giant trees in which it would reach at least 10 miles into the sky which only stumps are presumed to be found if equivalent all over the world, from Venezuela, Australia to the African continent that have left scientists baffling to answer. Could it be a possibility these ancient trees were made from silicone and were nearly as hard as stone therefore an entirely different based material too.


Australia presumed tree trunk/ Getty images

The question should be if it is oblivious to the eye why then scientists are knowingly not treating this as history untold, why do they debunk or shrug at the hint of a possibility. There is a long way to go but for independent researchers the truth couldn’t be far simpler, therefore it doesn’t require a masters or PhD title to give answers to what lies in front of very own eyes

Published and written by

Mary S (editor)
Contributions made by:
JayDreamerZ (Youtuber)
Roger spur (MDU)
About Mary S (39 Articles)
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6 Comments on Graveyard of Titans

  1. I know your work & I also know that the truth is coming out So don’t be discouraged in the meantime SHOUT from the rooftops to all that have ears to hear & eye’s to see. The spirit of God is moving across our flat earth.Blessing to you brother.


  2. Hi.
    Thanks so much for this.

    As a Researcher into Our World Legends
    i, Shiro… can confirm., agree.
    This is. What they basically say.
    Science + co… just guess… usually.
    Wrongly in comparison.

    Great Research.
    Looking forward to more.
    Take Care. Till Next… Shiro.


  3. Avalonrose101 // November 7, 2019 at 8:02 pm //

    This is an interesting theory however trying to tie it in with religious dogma is what is killing this from progressing.


  4. Jesse Santiago // October 4, 2020 at 10:06 pm //

    no ..its has everything to do with religious dogma as you put it the book of Enoch , this is all easily explained .. the god in heaven is real, and those titans and demigods are the nephalim , they are the offspring of the watchman a group of angels that left their first estate to breed with human women to create abominations that nearly destroyed mankind.. the deluge , the world wide flood, is a real event that you are conveniently leaving out of your understanding of ancient history , this story is pretty much ascribed by all world cultures in some mythos/religion, the world was destroyed by the father in heaven because his creation had all but been altered and eliminated, he picked Noah a man “perfect in his generation” which is to mean perfect in his genetic code to start mankind from scratch with his 3 sons and their 3 wives , every ancient culture can trace their lineage to these 3 men ( yes these 3 men seeded the world) ..Shem,Ham and Japeth ( Caucasoid, negroid, mongrel) every ethnicity is a just a mixture of some degree to these 3 base phenotype..


  5. Anonymous // November 3, 2020 at 8:36 pm //

    Good to see, we got some platform where mudfossilisation is talked about! Hope to see this in Mainstream! With all the interest to finance this all.


  6. I believe in the Bible, the giants, the large trees, the Titans, and I think we’ll see all of this in the thousand year reign on earth, cause I believe in God and all he created, and that’s why he’s God and we’re not.


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