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Return of the Dark Ages in the 21st Century



The 21st Century has been plagued with catastrophic events and fatal decisions that it is now emerging and written down in history as one the most controversial century’s known to exist. The re occurrence of the motive power of nations, defeat of societies, limitations of thought, the want for philosophical ideas, emergence of tribalism, the rising of anti-Antisemitism and the victims of Islamic violence and terror has led those that questioned the very people who were once branded of scare mongering society to question themselves, the changing revolution is happening right before our very eyes, the return of the dark ages in Europe and across the world.
The demographic, cultural and economic deterioration that is happening cannot be side-lined as a one of event. From the middle east to Greek, From Turkey to France it has seen a domino effect which has caused waves across the borders. It is outrageous to ignore the fact that decline in socialism, weakening of societies and families, wars, jobs and mistrust among the very leaders that control the lands was the only reason behind this change, nor can we put aside that people in the 21st century are being murdered, terrorised, victimised, intimidated and robbed of their liberties, freedoms and rights because of the way to choose to question or because the way they worship God is a moral outrage, a political scandal and a desecration of faith itself. We are now witnessing a revolt against the modern world, with daily mass protests all across many nations revolting against governments, corporations and demanding change, which is becoming increasingly globalised by the day.
The dark ages is not a past time history event forgotten but it is to be feared and avoided precisely because they represent the sort of social regression that makes everyone worse off.
It may seem that the world had its gloriest days to some extent after the 1950’s where war had ended, borders had been made, and the invention of technology and advancements in science had given hope to people. However, the very foundation and power vested by the elites is beginning to crumble, where you now have the power of Russia startling the mighty US, the United Kingdom breaking away from its allies from Europe and the once mighty Greeks crumbling under the invasion of migrants. Yet it may seem the world is blaming the downfall of the once powerful nations on migrants and refugees who are fleeing war torn countries. These very countries like Iraq and Syria who once were stable but are been destroyed under the fatal decisions made by the very elites of the western world who are speaking against the middle east in revolt.
Moreover, there are likeminded people who still do not agree with this ideology of the dark ages and believe that the events of this century are just another step in human evolution that unlike the time of our medieval ancestors who were illiterate and mostly uneducated, we are gifted with vast information which provides us all the education we could ever need. Hence this is what will save us from another dark age. The alternative argue would be that the internet and advancements in technology are not the holy grail, nor will it solve the problems of religion, socialism, barbarian invasions, population decline, cultural and economic deterioration which are deep rooted in society as a whole. Today we are witnessing events like the Paris bombings, the rise and rebirth of Nazi parties in Germany, the collapse of borders, mass movements by civilians waking up to reality and the attacks and degrading of women from outside men who come from backgrounds with different ideologies, morals and values, this is one of the many challenges this new war poses, it goes against the tolerant, inclusive society that was developed in the Western World over the last fifty years.
Public feeling is turning from fear of terrorism to a distrust of religion. This is becoming more intense with thousands of refugees making their way from the Middle East which are majority Muslims, but we cannot blame religion into a conflict that is so complicated. Remember at a time in past history it was the Muslims in the Islamic culture who got Europe out of the dark ages, however now when the tables have turned the western world has turned its backs on opening its borders to the very mess they created. The progressive leaders of today whether it be the United States, Europe or across the world have created a society of rampant lawlessness and destruction renouncing all reason and understanding. We have returned to a barbaric state of fascism, authoritarianism, and ignorance because truth is merely what the rulers tell the people and are now creating people with mind destroying ideologies. Democratic values, constitutionalism, and secularism, for which the West fought for centuries through the blood of countless unknown lives in waste less wars and it is this Internet and social media that is presumed to be the main vehicle for indoctrination, radicalisation and organisation of terrorism.

“Now, as the EU suffers one blow after another from within and without, history is reversing its course toward a debilitating complexity,” Kaplan – political analyst Robert Kaplan.

There are two things you can always be certain of in this life. One is that change is a constant and second is that history always repeats. The premise of the dark ages has always been with us from a shadow but now in the 21st century it has become blatant visible to a worse extent.

written and published: Maria’m AS (editor)


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