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Rise Of Dark Forces

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Black magic, Satanism, and sorcery is the use of supernatural powers, a belief system or rituals for malicious purposes and plans such as harming others or achieving personal gain for world domination as well as evil deities challenging the concept of the existence of God. We all may know various forms and heard certain conversations regarding it. While it has been a part of human culture for centuries, if not thousands of years there are some who argue that certain forces are on the rise in modern times, with more people being drawn to its forbidden allure. Others argue that this trend is overblown, and that the fear this idea is rooted in superstition and ignorance and has no place in our society. Yet with the emergence of new social medias and trends where people express various forms of their culture all over the world still emersed in voodoo, witchery magic, you ask the question whether it was ever supressed in the first place and whether this has always been with us yet unknown to us as we turned a blind eye. One may say that the likes of modern witches are enchanting the new generation on TikTok and other platforms but really are simply pagan beliefs that everyone is entitled to express. Yet as more people turn away from religion in turbulent times it seems like the ability to showcase rituals, deities, spell jars, worldly energies and demonic ceremonies seem to be much more appealing and the promotion of sacrificing one’s own self from followers of A listers, pop culture and media for worldly gains paints a very bright picture in a dull world where it is openly sold at a mere price.

In the time of uncertainty where traditional beliefs systems are been questioned with every turn of event, there rises dark forces that capture this moment to excel and promote a new religion or an ancient concept, newly packaged for those seeking answers. Those who argue that dark forces are on the rise point to several factors. One is the proliferation of social media and the internet, which has made it easier for people to access information about dark magic and connect with others who share their interest. They also point to the growing popularity of certain forms of occultism, such as Satanism and the use of tarot cards and crystals for divination. In some parts of the world, forms of black magic is still practiced openly with no ramifications, with practitioners advertising their services in newspapers and on billboards.

Critics of the idea that dark forces or anything that is against the norms is on the rise argue that this trend is largely a myth. They point out that while there may be some individuals who dabble in dark magic etc, it is not a widespread phenomenon. They also argue that the fear of anything associated with evilness is often rooted in prejudice and ignorance, as it is often associated with non-Abrahamic religions and cultures. There is also a debate about the actual effects of the blatant promotion of these ideas. For example, people argue that black magic can cause harm to those who are targeted by spells, while others argue that it is largely harmless and has no real power. While there is no scientific evidence to support either claim, there are many who believe in the power of black magic and take steps to protect themselves from it, others may feel a devalued society where evil is promoted and copycats of people going around sacrificing humans/animals to be accepted into this so-called cult or to be used as voodoo is something we should take seriously as a whole.

In conclusion, the question of whether dark forces are on the rise is a matter of an old timeless debate. While there may be some evidence to suggest that more people are becoming interested in dark magic, satanism and the occult, others argue to even question this is absurd and even offensive. Ultimately, the true effects of these ideas and practises are embedded in the very foundation of our society at all levels, one many do not need to look elsewhere where you have royalty and presidents in so called cult groups and secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasons just to name a few and so-called symbolisms blatantly in our everyday lives. Regardless of which streams are been used the notion of supernatural ideas stretching through time shows no indication of stopping. What is questioning is that no organisation or law bats an eye to ideas like this. Instead, it is simply noted as a difference of opinion and one’s own principle to conduct certain ideas into the vast population should be acceptable and anyone who disagrees is a heretic and with the global conflict driving people to ideological conformity it leaves less to the imagination of where they will turn to. This controversial argument is once again flaming as we enter the new dark age fuelled with an uprising of dark forces.

Written and published: Mary S

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