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Genetic modified organisms is a hidden card among those that surround it with controversial issues to scientists and manufacturing food companies who regard it as the future for humanity. However, with a range of scientists who discover problems with GMOs been attacked, gagged, fired, threatened, and denied funding and even from sharing their lab results, to individual cases of families broken down from health issues using GMO foods the underlying and devastating reports of GMO’s reality been hidden and continuously rejected by high profile companies refusing to justify and investigate further into damning cases let alone answers to the percentage of abnormalities found in reports.
So far many of these products on the market are not labelled leading the consumers and individual people unknowingly buying and consuming modified food without their consent. But this goes far back to the very seed laid on the ground to manipulate the structure of the food to produce more and bigger foods. According to some Scientists and companies GMO is the light forward especially to poor third world countries, however poor farmers in third world countries would do anything to feed their families especially if the seeds the companies provide for them are cheap, to these people they do not see the agenda behind these companies and pharmaceutics industries that providing GMO seeds at a lower price for bigger foods are simply testing grounds for evolution and the environment around them. This does not only refer to poor countries; western countries especially the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA alone who GMO adds up to 70%* of their overall production of food comes from GMO farmers and companies.
Protests and movements can only so impact if the other side is willing to listen, if that be so however supporters of GMOs have become more aggressive at suppressing adverse data and promoting their myths, desperate to stem the anti-GMO tide that is rising against them. Supporters continue to proclaim that the technology is precise, environmentally friendly, and needed to feed the world, despite evidence showing just the opposite. In fact, the evidence is so compelling, genetically engineered foods are to be blamed for promoting a wide range of serious diseases on the rise around the world.
According to secret documents later made public from a lawsuit before the GMO were introduced during the early 1990’s, the scientific consensus at the agency was that GM foods were inherently dangerous and might create hard-to-detect allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. But these are not the only issues, reports from scientific policy papers* conducted on several animal studies reveal a long list of disorders, including infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, [faulty] insulin regulation, cell signalling, and protein formation, and changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system.
The compelling evidence does not stop there. The reports vary around the world from different perspectives:

• Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences reported between 2005 and 2006 that female rats fed Roundup Ready-tolerant GM soy produced excessive numbers of severely stunted pups with more than half of the litter dying within three weeks, and the surviving pups completely sterile.37
• In 2005, scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Canberra, Australia reported that a harmless protein in beans (alpha-amylase inhibitor) transferred to peas caused inflammation in the lungs of mice and provoked sensitivities to other proteins in the diet.38
• From 2002 to 2005, scientists at the Universities of Urbino, Perugia and Pavia in Italy published reports indicating that GM soy affected cells in the pancreas, liver and testes of young mice.39
• In 2004, Monsanto’s secret research dossier showed that rats fed MON863 GM corn developed serious kidney and blood abnormalities.40
• In 1998, Dr. Arpad Pusztai and colleagues formerly of the Rowett Institute in Scotland reported damage in every organ system of young rats fed GM potatoes containing snowdrop lectin, including a stomach lining twice as thick as controls.41
• Also in 1998, scientists in Egypt found similar effects in the guts of mice fed Bt potato.42
• The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had data dating back to early 1990s showing that rats fed GM tomatoes with antisense gene to delay ripening had developed small holes in their stomachs.43
• In 2002, Aventis company (later Bayer Crop science) submitted data to UK regulators showing that chickens fed glufosinate-tolerant GM corn Chardon LL were twice as likely to die compared with controls.43
• In 2012, researchers found that female rats fed Roundup Ready-tolerant GM corn developed large tumours and dysfunction of the pituitary gland; males also developed tumours and exhibited pathologies of the liver and kidney.

These are but a few reports from multimillion dollar research facilities. The current situation for placing GMO in the market for human consumption is dangerous. GMOs are likely promoting the rise of numerous diseases in humans and animals, and creating widespread chemical and genetic pollution in the environment. Those who call for more science are ironically labelled by the biotech industry as “anti-science.” But where does science and manufacturing companies who think with a few lumps of money to force farmers to deal with carrying this out stop, is it okay to bring a manipulation for human consumption that has been altered to permanently affect the DNA of the one who consumes it for many generations and it is not only humans but animals database are also altered as they feed on the very crops that produce food hence we feed on the animals that have already been infected making it a unbreakable reaction chain.
Supporters say the breakthrough of having GMO on the market will help solve world hunger by providing more efficient crops that can grow in less ideal climates or soils for example. Also, citifying that there is no evidence that GMOs are harmful to us and that the crops are substantially equivalent to their original form. Big manufacturing companies that benefit from selling GMO products also oppose labelling GMOs on food products, but maintain that they are perfectly safe for consumers to eat this will make them un-suable and not reliable when health issues like cancer and tumour appear in healthy people as there will be no evidence to suggest where the health issues came from; in another way these industries conspire with cooperative scientists to help bury information that is harmful to its commercial interests and attempts by media’s to expose problems and cases are also often censored by the government unless they receive the go ahead from the backing companies.
The GM industry has been so successful over the decade from where it started in the US that it is pushing its crops on the other side of the Atlantic that farmers in Britain and Europe now find it difficult – although not impossible – to find GM-free alternatives. Millions of people are now looking for foods without genetically modified organisms (thousands of doctors are also prescribing non-GMO diets; and even celebrities have chimed in with their demands that these products be labelled. Somewhere down the line these issues are important that consumers themselves have proved them even with scientists disregarding their claims. Many scientists who have research in these fields think that discussions like these are deeply depressing and people against science revoloution are scientifically illiterate.
It is a fact that GMO extracts genes from the DNA of one species and artificially force the genes of an unrelated plant or animal, the outcome being unnatural foods and products that are hazardous to humans. Basically, our food is being pumped full of weird things that is not made to digest interfering with our own genetic code of life. These scientists and pharmaceutical companies whether be it foods or drugs in our system find it okay to play god and manipulate the very essence of how we live contaminating the natural gene pool on a permanent basis by making general consumers unknowing scapegoats in the name of research if not alternative motives.

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Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes, Committee Paper for Discussion, Effect of GM Soya on Newborn Rats (Nov. 2005),
Pusztai A and others. Genetically modified foods: Potential human health effects. Food Safety: Contaminants and Toxins. (J P F D’Mello ed.), Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh, CAB International, 2003.
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