Why is the world so competitive?

competitionLets be honest competitiveness lives in our hearts. Its what drives us to become the best on this planet, saying that competition isn’t bad but where it gets to a point that everywhere we turn to, everything you see, this competitive state to survive in everyday life becomes a mode of survival and the tactics used by social generations, and nations to making it a thriving industry have evolved us into wild beasts making the number one spot.

The emergence and popularity of reality shows in the last 50 years competing against each other, whether it be in song contests, space race missions, arms race  or who can make the tallest building in the world. It is ingrained in society at the very bottom where we have to compete to get to the top universities just to make a name and a 6 figure sum, to being the financial centre of the world, to the brand leader in technological innovation and medical breakthroughs and to dominate the Nobel prize awards and name your place in history, after all that is what the end goal is, a name is history. however where does one stop, and at what means does it take to accomplish the goal by making unnecessary sacrifices and ignoring the vast amount of average population who barely survive let alone compete. You have countries like India where 90% of the population are living under poverty lines yet you see headlines stating ‘India overtakes Canada in space competitiveness’ what are the society missing here, when did it become a trend to place iron foundations to make the tallest building a priority over a starving nation but why is the world thriving to be so competitive towards each other.

It begins with the smallest things in school where many kids are very competitive and judgmental to others who may not get as good grades at them, or be good in a certain subject. They think that being smarter all of a sudden makes them a better person. Is this wrong or is this a simple means to create a world where each one is to its own.

Are in reality people actually born with a competitive nature?

Competitive takes place in all forms on this world, whether it be a single drop of seed to wild predator animals marking their territory and Humans are no different.  Our evolution and the struggle to survive and thrive in a hostile environment which is already hostile awakens the competitiveness inside us but supporting that, in an evolutionary sense, competition is adaptive around us to the very nature of this world, as plants compete for light so humans compete for survival.

Yet somehow we always want the next best thing and the next. Apparently to me this world isn’t satisfied with what it does have. Non satisfaction is a ego drive of man itself with destructive consequences in its path, and this ego of not letting go, of wanting more that makes us set the next goal over human basic needs. However one may say if we didn’t have competition would we have the great and successful people that have come and gone by?

Apparently not so, so in a sense its also a good motivation, our world may be a very lazy place and very late with technology we were to sit on our backsides and let it be, but there needs to be a control of what is necessary and what is a simple fame for a little while. Todays nations we have exhausted ourselves and our natural resources to something that is not worth while in the long term. Look at America, they are the biggest competitors of them all aiming to be number 1 at everything they do (and they are) with China tailing right behind them, or is it the other way around now. Nations against nations and countries against countries is what drives the fuel to war. It is simple tactics of which country is more richer, which nation is more superior, which race is more inferior and which religion is more dominating,

It certainly seems as if beating others and being better than them has become a national obsession, whether getting into the best schools, winning in sports, making the most money or conquering the most lands, and mans ego and obsession is ultimately growing.

In it, is ultimately the unbridled quest for the best material and wealth and to achieve number one which has turned to a mad scramble to the top with the people below getting trampled. We have embraced competitiveness to the point of absurdity with no going back. Competition has its limits and this should be about complete and blissful immersion, however its purpose has been externalized and commodified to such extreme it alters a mans perception of how we view and live on a daily basis.

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  1. I think competition is a good thing, but everything in moderation. If there was no competition then there would be no improvement, even on the smallest levels, cooking for example. If you cook something and have no other dish to compare it against then you will go on your entire life without eating a clearly better tasting dish. Competition is a defining characteristic of humanity I agree so most things should be competitive in my opinion but sometimes it is just useful as a way to compare your technique or product against someone else’s.


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