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Racist Eugenics- Survival of the fittest

Eugenics alone derives from the set of values and beliefs to improve the quality of the human population, but with deeper sinister meanings which include deciding which group is superior to the other by means of either persuasion, coercion, education, sterilisation, segregation, euthanasia or the boost of backing abortion rights for women as an easy path to rid the planet of what is deemed disposable.
Beginning as a racial supremacist movement backed by a women to make it seem more desirable, Margaret sanger founded the planned parenthood by means of birth control made it well known of her rights to back women, but the sincerity of that came into question when talking about the Negro project stating “we don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population” to many at that time it deemed her not racist but as an advocate who cares for the rights of women and with the rising movement of women rights in the upcoming years abortion which pioneered against moral ethics of determining the killing of an unborn human, came into being a weapon especially for the black community. The passing laws of governments planning family programs designed and targeting poor Black communities emphasized birth control and abortion in masses without questions with the intent of limiting the Black population is in itself deliberate genocide. This was not only limited to the black community, it was the poor, uneducated and disabled which were the targets and till this day you will find in many records and data showing this.
The intent of the Eugenics came into being when Francis Galton, the elder cousin of Charles Darwin focused and searched on means to improve the human race to beget ‘saint’ like generations; to do this he began supporting marriage between strong and superior members of society to create inferior beings. It was more of a way to establish under-breeding among the rich than in preventing over-breeding among the poor. The concept at the time was well favoured. Overtime science created means of removing and desiring genetic traits for unborn children, a system of playing god at the same time eliminating the undesirable whether it came from Adolf Hitlers Nazi regime experiments or your local medical centre conducting selected IVF.
This was not only a case of social class war or colour of ones skin it was much deeper which focused on race as one study was conducted to find significant behavioural differences between Jews and non-Jews. All this was to find a way to halt the reproduction of the genetically unfit, to control the population without a blunt killing. So how can one say there was no scientific racism when history and studies created conducted showed otherwise.
Sterilisation was also on the forefront as a means of restricting the population growth, where women living in asylums, those deemed too unfit, disabled, imprisoned, in villages or others who among the poorest and most marginalised sections of society were forced to undergo. Mass sterilisation was and is still practiced all over the world even those with seeking only an abortion were heavily pressurised to accept sterilisation , whether being used on the Uyghur women in China, Europe or the slums of south America and some of these cases are still ongoing today but the world does bat an eyelid.
The future of any country or race lies with its children. Therefore, the most efficient method possible for eliminating an entire race would be to destroy its children and if not possible to indoctrinate them by means of education in the schooling curriculum by discussing differential birth-rates between the biological fit and unfit, subjects on why immigration restriction is deemed the better choice, segregation, and why sterilization is a means to save the overpopulated planet as too many people contribute to climate change, and these talks and researches were backed by elites such as Bill gates who made it clear the earth was overpopulated therefore hence to bring in vaccinations in the name of saving the quality of lives. All these subjects are being interlinked to one another and fed to a student before they start to work. But it was not only indoctrinated them but all students around the globe began test to score I.Q levels at a young age, The first of these determining tests was developed by Alfred Binet a French psychologist , who was commissioned by the French government to identify students who would face the most difficulty in school. This was nothing to do with an interest in a subject and to make them a better person but to determine a set of children’s ability focusing on the area they were from and their classified race, and race is not only determined by colour but its part of a social construct of communities, such as Indian people will include all the east, and English would refer to Americans, Europeans, aboriginals and so on to show evidence intellect was based on race full stop. Hence came segregation came in, separating certain races from one another in order they don’t breed because the assumption was the Aryan race which people hold so high even today was the ultimate inferior race, and mixture of these races was deemed to be dangerous. however all these studies and methods were hushed under the umbrella in the name of science.
Eugenics is a reactionary pseudo-science, based on the idea of breeding out innate biological characteristics deemed to be inferior by means of controlling the reproduction which underlies primary racist agendas than that of an individual and recently it has become taboo and a rather controversial topic to discuss, but the values and beliefs a human mind is staggering to suggest that the competition between humans is inevitably nothing new but has been going on for such a long time, it begs the question on whether survival on the fittest is what it comes down to, an idea which originated from Darwinian evolutionary theory but one can say whether this has always been the case, the concept of biology intellect and race.

written and edited: Mary S
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