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Darker side of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mass destruction of civilisation is no longer war based but a race with the use of Artificial Intelligence that is embedded in everything we do; as workers, consumers and citizens in all aspects of our lives considering we are living in a data transparent society where all our information is streaming 24 hours of the day in a feeding tube across the globe.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a creation of computerised machines with many software’s and complex systems that collects data and mimics the humans and competes with that what the humans lack in, this itself creates a anthropomorphic bias which could be classed as insidious but with no deliberate intent and without conscious realisation. However over the number of years AI has preceded in many aspects as successful, taking over the most basic of tasks. Yet this intelligence comes at a price. The question one might ask is who really benefits from this, the Tech Billionaires who use their unconscious bias or motives to determine certain outcomes or the citizen who like it or not has to adjust what is being fed to them.

The future of artificial intelligence’s’ dangers and impacts on humanity are just getting noticed, and not for the right reasons. Lets look at Google, the biggest search engine on this planet, with over 5 billion* daily searches a day, you can understand that if google were to alter alternative content displayed on first pages using algorithms it would be subconsciously and manipulatively altering to suit certain needs of certain people and that is exactly whats happening. Project Veritas video with former Google whistlelblower Zachary Vorhies gave vast amounts of supported documents and evidence of google using this tactic not only on political parties to sway peoples opinions towards particular group(s), but by also helping the Pentagon with autonomous weapons, and blacklisting certain websites or downing them way down the pages unable to find if they do not meet criteria’s of what google seem fit suppressing certain sources from getting viewed from the mainstream public.
But who holds the key to these, the major home is Silicon Valley, a breeding hub for these billion dollar tech companies who has an overwhelming dominance in big tech including Apple, Google, Facebook, Wells Fargo, Visa and Chevron. A individuals whole life from characteristics, to photo scanning, financial information, our thoughts, likes and movements been controlled and monitored by giant tech companies maintaining to hold all of the secrets, to this day Facebook’s lack of acknowledgement and secrecy of how much data they harvested and how they use the data from millions of users around the world has still not been understood or challenged in any major way. Silicon Valley has recently come under the radar with a lot of scrutiny but we may never get the extent to the answers we all are looking for.

If we were to stand away, we still be scathed with the fact that simple survival for jobs will be something to fight for. As the creation of machines evolves and increases so does the way we work. Certain job types are at risk specifically those involving repetitive, predictable tasks will become automated, leading to lack of work places where movement is repetitive and predictable. Amazon already started replacing jobs with robots who work faster, accurately and for way less cost.

It is clear algorithms have been weaponized to certain degrees. Attention-capture economies who thrive on competition have been using sinister product mechanisms to addict app users each to their own reasons for their own benefits. China for example has based its own economy under AI surveillance with facial recognition and social credit systems, ranking people as if they were a tool and not a human being diminishing any freedom of an individual and AI surveillance is increasing at an alarming rate creating a sinister surveillance society.

Algorithms are incredible aids for making data-driven, efficient decisions, there is no doubt in that. However they should be used in alternative methods where it could benefit society instead. Some methods have been used when combating the environment by improving the understanding of the environment itself by making data-driven decisions about how to tackle climate change. Using AI to develop robots that can be used to plant trees and crops on mass scale. This not only helps combat the impact of deforestation but also provides part of the solution to hunger poverty in places where resources are scarce.
AI has also been in use with healthcare purposes in areas of diagnosis, drug development, testing and treatments, this enables AI to be able to process and learn from vast amounts of historical data, giving doctors a great resource to get support and treating patients with even greater precision. These are but a few ways it is been used and should be focused on more creating positively better results for the society we live in. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

The future industry is moving faster than we can even bear witness to and with 5G technologies at the gate the Tech dynasties that gain dominance in the attention economy will implement AI in all levels that they do.
Its is have been specifically tailored by predictable patterns of behaviour, cognition, emotion and preferences for our needs or is it their needs. Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent and Facebook, these are relative pioneers that will set the standards for what we accomplish with AI for decades to come. Intelligence is the foundation of human power, the strength that fuels us as individuals but we must not confuse this general intelligence with that of computerised intelligence which has concepts of its own, this would lead us to underestimate the potential impact of AI
The grasp of destruction of society lies in swaying political movements, creating fake news to which certain groups will believe which has societal implications of misinformation, constant surveillance stripping our very freedom of rights, and the use of AI being used in war combats by cyber security, drones and robots is the beginning of a new era.

Written and published by: Mary S
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