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Middle East genocide: Making of new borders


IMAGE. Ralph Peters Armed Forces Journal June 2006- New middle East Map

We live in a world that has invisible man made walls, so more neighbours mean more fences and every half end of the century comes a wave of new border creations in however means necessary. Much of the world leaders have cited security concerns about the prevention of illegal migration as justifications to allowing to keep their borders intact. However, the topic of walls around the world mainly goes unnoticed as the only wall that receives 99% of the world’s attention is the wall between Israel and Palestine.
Borders, boundaries and frontiers are simple manipulation tools to the imbalance of large and small, rich and poor in society where the west predominantly dominates as the inferior one and once the study of frontiers and boundaries is resuming a prominent place in political geography at a fast pace. The creation of would be new borders in the middle east itself has been planned many years before, The US and Europe have always had a conflict between the middle east Arab countries out of fear and competition to its own political and social policies. Whenever the US and Europe has its control challenged, it will ultimately bring death and destruction as a means of showing higher authority in the world and keeping intact the power of western world domination.
The main barriers between the west and east are psychological and political and performance of no love and ignorance of weakness. It is well within the law for the west to steal the mineral resources across borders and plunder the raw materials, but then they have the audacity to build up walls to defend their countries from the looted. Hypocrisy is the least to describe these mindless states.
In the 19th century as European capitalism expanded the major powers began to scramble for control of the rest of the world ransacking entire continents for their resources, enslaving populations and creating enclaves under their domination especially those of the Arab countries whom they feared would later rise and they indeed did to an extent that the mid east was a stable society but when diplomatic skirmishes on control could not solve the inevitable impasses, military conflict eventually took their place making a new reason for the many years of making to disentangle, destroy thus creating discussions and new means of drawing up a new map but this isn’t something new as said every half century the power in control determine which borders to dismantle and which wall to resurrect in order to fit their agenda. Unfortunately, it is the puppets of these global leaders who suffer the consequences, when the dictators fell in the mid-east countries a political situation was transformed and all the old certainties, all the old borders and boundaries, all the longstanding enmities and sectarian divisions were simply thrown into the air as if they were nonexistence to begin with.
These inhumane policies of the Western countries have made a creation to a mass genocide of mainly Muslims and Christians. Many thousands are dying, women, old people, children and young people as well. Under such conditions the leaders of Islamic countries remain silent, stand aside and remain simple observers to the tactics and plans in force. The global leaders across borders instigate the tragedies of millions of people by destroying the economy of Islamic countries and starting wars in Muslim regions of the world, destroying their economies, provoked lingering internal conflicts and forcing the desperate people into becoming refugees. It is these refugees that will be used as baits to define and excuse itself in keeping their walls more secure, a reason to create a new greater middle east with its own interests and not forgetting the honouring and protection of the state of Israel.
With the mass killing and destruction of middle east that was stable, they have once again created a poor rich divide. Large numbers of people will now wish to move permanently to another country much richer in society and financially, but most of them are either ineligible for any form of legal movement or face waiting lists of a decade or more. These giant walls are a human creation, but cause more than just human harm: they shuffle the global economy, costing the world roughly half its potential economic product, destroying nations and cultures and changing the revoloution of history.
And once again if challenged in the future these colonial and neo-colonial interventions will wreak havoc on local populations and their communities coming in a full circle which will give the blame to the people of the region for somehow failing to construct stable and democratic societies. Genocide and war mongering has been in the planning stages for several years, consists in creating an arc of instability, chaos, and violence and world domination for those supreme leaders unfit to rule the world and the borders have been the very foundation of the tools used for the controlling competition of domination from the middle east.

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Mariam’m A S (editor)
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