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Revival of fascism


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There is a widespread allusion to the potential threat of a fascist revival not only sweeping across Europe but the Mid East as well. To say that Putin’s fascist regime is more dangerous than the Islamic state (ISIS) is merely an understatement. With the growing threat on the ongoing crisis sweeping the globe some nations have ultimately began to develop a fascist regime. Once known as history from the past, one only can look at Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, Italy under Benito Mussolini, Romania during WWII, Spain under Francisco Francolikes was an era not to be experienced again. But a rise in some of the social conditions around the globe means that we still are living under fascist regimes. In a mater of fact they were never a thing of the past, all they needed was the right conditions to once again ignite the flame. Remember in the past fascism arised from poor socio-economic conditions like those of post world war 1 Europe or post world war 2 Japan, and so be it once again. If we look around in developed countries across Europe and the US they have been applying these neo fascist ideologies:

Anti immigration laws

Small, progressive limitations on civil rights in the name of giving a democratic state more power to protect the populace from external aggressors

Isolationist foreign policy

Government intervention in means of production to secure the state from shortages and economic downturns

Although this would benefit the governments and make them look more of a socialism state, however too much control and governing and limiting peoples rights can give space to the rebirth of fascism. To say that Ukraine is more fascist than Russia today is wrong itself, keep aside the politician movements and their agendas they both want to out do one another which ultimately leads to a leader cult, a one-party system, militarism, the dominance of the security services, the official promotion of anti-Semitism and xenophobia, state control of the media and a state propaganda system, and aggression abroad based on territorial claims on neighbouring states. Isn’t that exactly what’s going on in Europe, yet we tend to turn a blind eye and not call it fascism, because that world symbolises an insult in itself.

Its is often the ideologies of the past and evil ideas that give it fume; so sweeping across the globe to the mid east we see yet another example of the changing world. But ISIS are not any better. The ideology of groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS take-up elements of authoritarian. The rise of ISIS is much like the rise of Hitlerian Fascism. All liberals, secularists, or people who subscribe to a peaceful form of democracy are targets for ISIS. They tend to believe in things like eugenics which roots out undesirable individuals. To them it’s a national identity movement to the extreme which often includes racial identity and religious identity. The latter are not people open to “dialogue” nor mediation and they detest pluralism. They are not only militarist, they are clearly implacable expansionists. For them it’s simply make it or break it. And if they make it, you can be sure, Europe and the United States will be targeted for repeated, better planned, and much better financed terrorist attacks. The situation, in this respect, is not unlike World War Two and the Cold War, in which the choice was between Capitalism and Western Imperialism or Fascism or Soviet Communism. Unfortunately, there isn’t room for anything else as a viable, political alternative. They basically have hyper-nationalism (extreme loyal to country / state) as well as racism and xenophobia which involves ethnic purity and fear of foreigners. What’s more, I’d is say that fascist states tend to have a profound fear of the outsiders and always believe that are always defending themselves. But the reality of this mid east ISIS is much more; the reality is crucifying, beheading, and sexual slavery. Still, you get your rent paid, canned goods and free health care. Welcome to the theological fascist military outfit that is ISIS. It is simply a death cult of well led fascist fanatics.

However as Hitler and Mussolini demonstrated, fascist regimes are more than nationalist, they are expansionist. It is power for power’s sake: if you have the might to take power, then you have the right to take it and thus the results are a ruthless one party dictatorship. These fascist regimes strive the elements of-

Survival of the fittest

the State is only as powerful as its ability to wage wars and win them. The State is thereby selected for survival due to its strength and dominance. Peace is viewed as weakness, aggression as strength. Strength is the ultimate good and ensures the survival of the State.

Strict social order

It’s an absolute rejection of humanism and democracy

Authoritarian leadership

While the fascist State is the centre of the universe, the primary stated goal of fascism is social regeneration

An idealized past: The State is currently damaged but was once supreme. Fascism aspires toward the renewal of the State and its primary ethnic group to some mythical past era of glory.

To them these elements are all about improving the state often at the people’s expense. By dispelling the myth of happiness as absurd, this society is able to constrain its people and convince them to submit for the greater good which often comes first in these youth movements. Yet the paradox of fascism lies in its ability to sustain and grow in the midst of deteriorating conditions for the majority of the population. So what fumes these conditions; a combination of formidable economic and political challenges, mass unemployment which we are seeing, hyperinflation and a recently introduced universal suffrage leads to century political innovation called Fascism.

The harsh reality is unfortunately we are living amongst these regimes, the socialism and communism governments are fuelling theses fascist regimes to once again thrive.

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  1. I just wrote a paper on this the other day. 😀


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