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Whitewashing of Ancient Black and Arab history by White Europeans


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Ancient history of prominent figures and nations is how we perceive them, even though history has been a fabrication of continuous lies thrust upon us from religious leaders, governments and countries to blend in to their notion of history. This form of false history is pushed upon the inhabitants of the world on a daily basis in schools, media, books and documentaries.
Whitewashing is something brushed under the carpet and forgotten, it is simple means of white Europeans (inc United States) covering up and eradicating any information and accomplishments from the Black African and Arab nations from history and presenting any achievements as their own thus awarding themselves as the conquering nation.
Bearing in mind the very foundation of this fabrication is essence of racism at every angle. The black African nations had very strong accomplishments in arts and strong leaders and Arabs were known for their sciences, maths and philosophy’s. Yet in written books you would only adhere the slight mention of one two people out of the thousands, the rest would be the angle on how white Roman nations of European descent saved and conquered the Black African and Arab nations from the dark. Assuming that the native Black people of Africa were in the jungles running around nude and unproductive and never contributed anything to the advancement of civilization.
From their positions of prestige and power White educators have whitewashed history propagating the notion that civilization, history, religion, science, social order and an organized society started from the Europeans. It is unfortunate that the truth is far from it that the Europeans were living in the dark ages themselves who didn’t have the sense of basic personal hygiene let alone accomplish anything else.
We take the strongest civilisation to have ever existed in Egypt, the dynasties of the Pharaoh Kings and Queens, who were combination of Black African and middle east dissent, yet the recent portrayal of these prominent figures over the years has somewhat shifted to these people having Caucasian bloodline making them whiter, fairer and more European. Although Egypt is located in Africa and the Nile flows thousands of miles starting in the heart of Africa, White scholars, in support of the ideology of White supremacy, make the accomplishments of Nile Valley civilizations appear outside of the capabilities of coloured people. These inaccurate negative portrayals of Africa implies that the building of the Pyramids is outside of the capabilities of coloured people is in fact a psychological warfare program on its own.

White Scholars and Educators have deliberately reduced black history to only slavery and colonization therefore totally excluding black’s ancient civilizations even though it was well evidenced that the nations of Black Africans were known for their beautiful Arts and hieroglyphics yet there has been a wilful systematic destruction of this Africoid art leaving if any trace visible. Irony is many statues arts were defaced or chipped esp from the noses whereas all European looking were intact during European invasions.
It has also impacted on religion in a vast amount where the information has been damningly misrepresented leading to a whole new branch of religious ideology from certain sects. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance era experienced a large development in the Arts, specifically religious images, representing the Jews, strangely there are very little representing, or including, people of colour: especially since the Jews were people of colour. These images and icons proven by various documents concerning the history surrounding Jews, were originally paintings of a dark-skinned people yet the whitewashing by Europeans make them appear as if they have a history of great people with events thereby elevating them to a status of greatness in the world’s eye. All of this was to develop white supremacy in the world. Reinforcing lies by placing white pictures throughout Bibles, religious calendars, and religious movies, by doing this society today be it white or black assumes, without the facts, that the ancient Hebrews were white. This is also portrayed in media films not only using white actors but by indicating how fair people were in colour like Exodus (2014) and Gods of Egypt (2016).
It is not only the Black Africans whose history were rewritten, many accomplishments from the Arab predominantly Muslim nations were also eradicated into nonexistence. Today places like Morocco and Spain which had a huge history of Arab accomplishments has been slowly shipped away, the very word “Arab” had suddenly become rude, unacceptable and shameful. Like the once derogatory words are now perceived as racist and now everything is done to empty even already written history books of these people’s vast accomplishments. In recent years recognizing the importance of the Arabs and their role in the history of the modern world has been gradually erased from everyday discourse. There is an apparent desire to downplay both the importance and the level of expertise displayed by Arabs throughout the ages and the ongoing political turmoil and war in the Arab world plays a significant factor in this change of tone towards nations once seen as successful, enlightened and one of the best to rule the world.
Arab history is nevertheless one of greatness just like the Black African history, giving credits to both its accomplishments. Yet whitewashing is an organized attempt to cover, conceal, and fashion history to fit people s allusions to what it should have been instead. It is an organized intent of power and gradual effects of world supremacy and intentionally designing the myth of white superiority in history books.

Published Article by
Mary S (Editor)
Ella Hughley, The Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites (Jews), (New York: Hughley Publications, 1982).
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