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Rise Of Dark Forces


Creator: Vera Petruk Credit: Vera Petruk // Shutterstock Black magic, Satanism, and sorcery is the use of supernatural powers, a belief system or rituals for malicious [...]

Cuties loving paedophilia ?


Children are cute and mostly innocent, coming into this depraved world which has rubbed its smell against the clean air making it toxic for clean children to breathe let [...]

Racist Eugenics- Survival of the fittest


Eugenics alone derives from the set of values and beliefs to improve the quality of the human population, but with deeper sinister meanings which include deciding which group [...]

Q and the Army of digital soldiers


The origins of Q vary from individuals to groups to a worldwide movement opening eyes to reality, but the reality is threading on a very dangerous line shrouded in mysteries, [...]

Biological warfare- Pandemic X


With thousands of conventional biological agents and many which have been genetically engineered, it is easy to say that conspiracy theorists and those with facts that sweep [...]

Transgenders: Freaks of nature


The worldwide majority who do not explicitly accept the trans ideology are declassed as a minority and given the title bigots and transphobic in order to place certain [...]

LGBT over nuclear Families


The recent outcries and public campaigns for and against LGBT’s have been heightened at a dilemma from both sides but the affects on future children are being severely [...]

Cleansing the black race


In the chaotic world we live in land is deemed more valuable than human blood but there is something more valuable than that and that is the colour of skin, questioning it [...]

Graveyard of Titans


To believe everything you read in a textbook is saying to see from one eye. Either the whole story is not told by academics or simply buried and nullified as pure myth to [...]

Jerusalem, an invitation to war?


Any law the US passes is a law considered a done deal and not only does the world give into this it also takes part in acknowledging and giving credit to an illegal Israeli state that exists on stolen land, but with the decision pending on the capital of Israel hence making its final move which will unleash a domino of catastrophic events worsening situations in already hostile territories which consist of killings, racism, hate crimes against religion and unjust moral laws while all along protecting to serve its own interests, in simple terms it is deafening to the invitation of war knocking on the door. [...]

Geometric reality?


You may want to ask yourself the question asked by many people over the centuries, where there’s a hologram or alternate parallel universe with multiple layers controlled [...]

Human intervention on divine matters


Technology around us has given us an adaptive zone in which humans have evolved successfully on Earth and are now planning to place colonies on other habitable planets with [...]

Populism – Enemy of the State ?


Humanity is at crossroads; we are now living in an era where the defender of the common man is given the title of ‘enemy of the state’. Insurgent groups are one [...]

GMO Deception


Genetic modified organisms is a hidden card among those that surround it with controversial issues to scientists and manufacturing food companies who regard it as the future [...]

Unethical Science of Eugenics


The movement of eugenics and its controversial science uses has been taboo and not spoken with any seriousness when it comes to public policy. Its sets of beliefs and [...]

Breaking the taboo- Drug abuse


Drug abuse has always been a taboo subject in which many express with a simple denial yet no country in the world is ever immune to the ever-growing threat of drugs. When [...]

Age of anxiety: Conspiracy theories


In an age where intellect is on the increase so is anxiety amongst many, a minority of people can’t resist getting up to date on the latest conspiracy theories, no matter [...]