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Unethical Science of Eugenics

The movement of eugenics and its controversial science uses has been taboo and not spoken with any seriousness when it comes to public policy. Its sets of beliefs and practices aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population if that is to be taken lightly. However the backbone to this was what the world saw what Hitler had done to citizens of his own nation in the name of Eugenics, it became immediately obvious that Eugenics was not a policy for civilised nations to pursue. But is experimenting in the name of science unethical and bias towards society. The ultimate goal is to create a superior race of humans thus the need to intervene with artificial selection which processes the ability and highest race in forms of order of intelligence, race, violence, sexuality and even religion or is it another means of government-sponsored racial purification.
It is immoral to consider the examination of racial variation(s) in the world which determines that different traits of racial/ethnic groups are necessary for the continuation of the species and if we were all homogenized into a single racial group with a very limited variation thus designer traits wouldn’t the species be doomed to elimination.

It is fact that eugenics goes against religious and moral values of human life, who gets to say that a person with a certain IQ level is not be accepted into society or that every person of superior intelligence brings a higher-than-average number of children into the world. However eugenicists simply hope to increase the proportion of people of superior intelligence who bring higher-than-average numbers of children into the world. It is wrong to control certain forms of traits and disabilities to revolutionise a nation for its future.
Eugenics are creating cultures who puts social controls in place to determine who breeds with the group and who is cast out. They have done this manipulation through social factors such as:


Forced Sterilization
Immigration Restriction
Marriage Restriction Laws (prohibited mixed race marriages)
One child policies in regards to China
And through the sciences biotechnology is giving couples opportunities to select favourable attributes for children, creating designer babies. This is the eugenic agenda of today and it is not different in principle or goal but only in name and methods. What Hitler did was in the name of Eugenics too.
The controversial issue regarding all this is that religious or governmental authorities are not preventing this type of science from going too far. How could they, these are government-mandated program fully funded which have become a defensive measure for countries to rely on. It is easy to debate the major problems in the world could be solved with a proper eugenics program like hunger, overpopulation, violent crime, disease, and more could almost be wiped out so why then is eugenics such a taboo subject?
Well to wipe out these things and create a perfect society it would require eugenics at its very worst. It means murdering the people who are not worthy of life, to free resources for those people who are worthy. It is a simple tool for mass murder and it is logistically impossible to create a designer society, in a matter of fact any policy that could best be accomplished by killing a large percentage of the population is not a policy that a civilized nation should pursue at all.

The concept of eugenic sciences is basically playing with genes of living organisms to make them as good as possible, and it is flourishing among population control groups and intellectual elites. The problem is the societal consequences of trendy engineering of genes, this is very clear in the male-female imbalance in Asian countries like China. Whether by government force or by parental action, the consequences affect the next generation. Designing babies for personal preferences also turns human beings into commodities.
Eugenics in its science is creating a rift between natural selection and concepts of evolution yet it cannot overcome diversity, diversity is natural and is the result of millions of years of evolution. Diversity is also very important which has allowed us to sustain so long. If everyone would have similar genetic traits then we would succumb and cease to exist. Science can be used for goodness in the world but Eugenics crosses a boundary which provides a medical means of racial cleansing, control and oppression in societies.

Written and published:Mary S (editor)

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