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Rape culture myth

A very intriguing article based on ’the big lie of a rape culture’ by Wendy McElroy raised many questions. Many points were covered, but some views were optimistic when it came to rape, as a women saying that it will raise a lot of eyebrows and speculations.

So is rape culture a myth or does it actually exist?

What is rape culture? Its a concept used to describe a culture in which rape and sexual violence are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape. Behaviours commonly associated with rape culture include blaming the victim, sexual objectification, and trivializing rape.

The media outcry of the Game of Thrones, in which their latest scene was depicting Jaime Lannister raping his sister Cersei, was indeed a disturbing scene and vile one to however the director who shot the act described it as bring non-consensual sex, an attitude that isn’t totally surprising in a society that’s already confused about what constitutes consent in the first place and that doesn’t always recognize sexual violence for what it is. not surprising he even said that. Its become such a norm and a taboo, that we overlook the hindsight of rape itself. The actor who plays Jaime, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said “ …it’s just going to look like rape. The intention is that it’s not just that

Words can be crucial especially if their is difference between someone saying no and you forcing yourself on them, then someone saying yes willingly and this is what eroticizes rape. Simple. for the viewers the perception is altered into what willingly goes into reality giving out the impression its okay to rape and when someone as big as media give the go ahead and portray it in this way, ordinary people begin to question themselves leaving them so damned confused.

Children don’t grow up learning about consent and it’s not a concept that’s deeply ingrained in our culture. This is already happening among our youth. A study of young women who have experienced some type of sexual violence found that most of them simply assume that sex is something that’s done to them. Its also found that rapists don’t necessarily believe they’ve done anything wrong because they simply feel entitled to women’s bodies.

The attitude in the culture plays a huge part in this, where they often overlooked, what the man has done simply says “boys will be boys”. Rape culture society blames the victim of sexual assault and normalises the male sexual violence. Its every where around us, giving the go ahead its including in jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable therefore society think about the persistence of rape as just the way things are meant to be.

WAVAM did a recent study, and when looking at it no wonder we are grown up thinking in a certain way with a certain attitude. It defined rape culture in a certain way:

If you have things like this, the know the outcome, its not rocket science, with out excusing it or downplaying it. There are certain beliefs where people say rape is a crime and not a culture, but that concept also differs. The culture encourages which leads to the crime. many people and society today still say that rape cultures is just another blown-out-of-proportion feminist conspiracy theory and that feminists cook up to create hysteria, and to slander and demonize men with their misandric agendas, its a shame to the people who think is anyway true.

So who we are actually blaming in all of this? below are some common myths on why women are on the forefront:

  • Women provoke rape by the way they act and dress, what do want us to do cover ourselves head to toe. No in fact, in world countries where women wear the veils and cover themselves up are just as likely to get raped as a women in a western country wearing a dress.
  • Women who drink alcohol and use drugs are asking to be raped, last time I checked a women has equal rights to a man if she wants a drink
  • If she didn’t fight back or scream, it wasn’t rape. How could they, victims in rape situations often become physically paralysed with terror or shock and are unable to move or fight.
  • Womencry rape when they regret having sex or want revenge, for this one maybe they do. After all a women’s mind can be manipulate, but it doesn’t mean all are on the same boat

when rape is silenced

There are so many other excuses towards the women, we tend to blame everything except society. Fact is the culture exists its undeniable, and its in every corner, from China, to India, the U.S Europe and wherever the human species are inhabited and it’s on the increase because the truth is we’re (unintentionally I may say so) supporting rape culture. Take the foundations away from this support and lets see what happens.

In order to end this movement and bring a change there are three primary aspects need changing:

Gender norms, Traditional gender roles and norms sustain inequality, and rape culture thrives on inequality

Language and Accessibility. We can’t just preach to the choir, some people have never even heard of rape culture. Its about education, and where third world countries lack this they increase in the latter.

Criminal Justice System, I have to say being born the U.K and living here I am deeply ashamed with the justice system in this county, making it a cruel joke. The system consistently fails survivors and victims. Only 6% of reported rapes result in a conviction on a charge of rape (figures from the Department of Health).

So basically, rape culture is not a myth because it does exist in many forms all around us, with many denying it and brushing it under the carpet, unfortunately, out of fear of speaking out, classing it as a norm and making it acceptable because its not your problem. However deep rooted issues are why these feminists’ movement was created, that is why we keep talking about it because the problem extends beyond the crimes themselves and doing nothing hand on lap will simply let the culture thrive.

Published article by Maria’m AS (editor Truth revoloution)


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9 Comments on Rape culture myth

  1. I will never report what happened to me because I know I will lose.


  2. Its not about winning or losing, its about confronting your fears and those that do are the biggest winners, always believe in yourself


  3. Thank you so much for that comment. I really needed it today when I’m feeling worthless xx


  4. Alysia, While I don’t agree with everything you’ve stated here, it is a well-written post. Well done. Your rational tone especially adds to the credibility of your position. Unfortunately, we’ve recently had Canadian feminists go berserk on the topic of rape culture, which IMO acts to undermine their own credibility and, unfortunately, the seriousness of the topic in the process.

    I am inclined to view the subject at the social level from a perspective derived from Christopher Lasch’s book “The Culture of Narcissism.” I see contemporary feminism as having evolved into a gender-narcissistic subset of what Lasch wrote about. If this is indeed true, there could be significant distortions of truth in how the topic of rape is portrayed or understood, even with university or government studies. I personally do not see evidence of widespread acceptance or tolerance of rape, and thus I do not automatically accept that a culture of rape exists without critical scrutiny.

    This in no way diminishes the seriousness of the topic. Rather, if society is to make meaningful progress in the matter, we must have confidence that we actually have an accurate understanding of the issue. Regardless of whether or not I agree with it in its entirety, posts like yours adds to an informed and civil inquiry into the subject.


  5. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not
    already 😉 Cheers!


  6. It appears to me personally almost as if feminists are promoting rape-related memes in media so they can be assured of a steady supply of female victims to supply their coffers with, and then turn around and promote false-rape accusations in women (which is real, by the way, and quite prevalent at times) so that REAL rape victims will have a seriously hard time being believed.
    And that’s not even counting the men who get raped, mainly in prison — last time I heard 10x more male rape victims in American prisons alone than there are female rape victims worldwide. This hardly ever gets addressed.
    That’s what I see happening, and it’s all pretty twisted and sick for sure.
    But I could be wrong here….


  7. Feminists do promote such memes, and while they will exploit such memes for funding, the basis for the hyperbolic promotion is their gender narcissism.

    Feminists have a deeply pathological need for women being victims of men and society to be “true.” Their minds twist everything to fit this pattern. They ignore or deny contradictory facts.

    Excellent point about their actions actually hurting women who are genuine rape victims. The same holds for feminist domestic violence “theory” and policies – they actually work to exacerbate a problem they don’t really want to go away.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Personally I’m not a person to be rocked on a certain boat, but promoting rape related memes seems a little extreme. promoting is not the word I would use, its more of they are encouraging people to come forward because its one of those topics unfortunately that’s a taboo. So they can never be a certain balance in what people choose to believe than the reality to it. I do however believe that a certain percentage of feminists are hell bent on portraying men and society in a negative way. I’m not encouraging their actions but just maybe it seems like in a world we live in today that its the only option we have left. in my eyes as I said in my topic it has become a norm in society where men think its okay because society culture media portray rape and sexual assault in such a way, its more like giving the green light to men and this also refers to male rape victims as well. its one of those topics that every individual would have different answers to it. I’m not against feminists but I also don’t encourage it, because i believe that as long as their is balance, a voice and action, it needs to be done because things like this just wont disappear.


  9. I agree. Rape culture does exist but it’s way overblown. I say that rape culture exists but there is a culture for anything and everything. I am a male who has had many male friends who had and still have very loose morals but rape was never condoned in any way even jokingly. Beating someone up badly, yes. Rape, never. The only instance I heard anything of rape was a male friend being falsely accused of rape because the woman couldn’t accept that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Some guys go to jail for this are found innocent years later but nothing happens to the woman. Anyone guy who rationalizes rape as being okay is an extremist like a KKK member.

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