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Cuties loving paedophilia ?

Children are cute and mostly innocent, coming into this depraved world which has rubbed its smell against the clean air making it toxic for clean children to breathe let alone live a life that is entirely theirs to control.
The marginalisation of our institutional ethics which has been coded by morals and the standardisation of how we live our lives has dramatically created a U turn in what we perceive as dehumanising standards, this is the full on embraciveness of paedophilia, the normalisation of a term which was once ridden with filth and ignorance against humanity is now the concept of acceptability.
Over recent years, the mainstream media have narrated a term of -mental health, a choice of liking and being attracted to young children, the educational system which teaches children as young as 3 the different methods of sexual intercourse and how they can consent to sex with an older man if they ‘feel’ like it, the handing of foster children to be placed with known paedophiles as experiments and later abused, and to the changing left laws which exonerate people from crimes if the person is not more than ten years older than the minor. Shocking as it may seem this is the tip of the iceberg which has been implanted over the years in our lives in a very systematic way all so that the public will accept adult sex with children.

The radical ideologies is a wing of the LGBTQ, hoping to add the P at the end of the word.
The innocence of children taught in school was a pavement for future abilities to enable them to have a good life, however one needs to ask why masturbation and oral/anal sex being taught to under 5’s is even allowed with or without the consent of parents. It is a system which is moulding the child on how they will perceive the world as they grow and once out of education would accept the concept that paedophilia is a good thing. However at home lives when they play with their toys they are holding dolls which were once a comfort play toy to now mimicking sexual noises with the appearance of dressing in bondages. These degenerating ideologies are bombarding their way to screens where a family and grown men can look eagerly how 10/11 year old take out their clothes, wear skimpy outfits and are twerking their behinds all in the name of art challenging modern norms about youth sexuality.
Why is there no outcry from the mainstream media, unless they are complicit in encouraging devilish behaviours. The media remains the most powerful tool in society, yet they play a role of encouraging indecent and criminal behaviour which is beyond human imagination.

One would need to look at who benefits from this, the ignorance of society soaring through the roof, there are many players in a system that is devoted to erase human decency. You have celebrities such a Chrissy Teigen who deleted thousands of tweets of her liking of little girls and boys tweets which are sick to read, you have gurus such a Ghislaine Maxwell who handed little children to high ranking official politics, you have A Listers and celebrities who know and get silenced if you talk about child trafficking in the Hollywood industry, such as Isaac Kappy and not forgetting the stories of Royal cults who use the hunger games as a hunt for children to be placed a trophies. The stories, the events, the theories have been constant over the years when it comes to sex with children in the suburbs of nicely tucked homes, to kidnapping and trafficking children from slums. The message however remains the same, it is all about children, just children. Has anyone asked how children feel, what they want?. If like they say children can consent to sex could they not have their voices heard. This is hypocrisy at its best.

There are major players in those that seem to associate normalising paedophilia, to celebrities, politicians, platform groups such as Twitter who devote their time deleting #savethechildren tweets yet embrace those that tweet babies look like porn stars, CEO’s of major corporations and those who are hidden pulling the strings. An example is the NAMBA ( North American Man-boy association) who are advocating the legalisation of paedophilia with their slogan of ‘sex before 8 or is it too late’ this never raised any red flags considering the largest contributor was non other than George Soros. Yet all this remains quiet in murky waters, but acceptability of normalising paedophilia is being encouraged to the highest of levels, one way they do this is using different terminology for paedophiles, making them sound as if they are the victims, creating front page stories on how paedophiles are resentfully attacked by ‘mobs’, dramatizing events on streams such as Netflix where paedophiles air their voices to gain sympathy and to sound as if they don’t have a choice, but when you air blatantly on sexual erotic dances on semi naked young girls for adults to enjoy what message are you promoting?
It is a green thumbs up by society on how depraved we have become by promoting it as a new coming of age to show as much as possible to remove the last prohibition of our legal codes and our rights to protect children. This is no longer a taboo which is moving towards something that will be unprecedented in a larger scale.
We are living at the peak of civilisation where there is only one way to go, and that is down, a steep downwards era of ignorancy, animalistic and devilish behaviour, throwing all morals, conducts of society, shamelessness, indecency out the door and it is the children who are suffering the abuse and the new generation who will be captivated by the constant changes of what is expected from them.

There is no excuse to paedophilia however small it is, it is a criminal act and a stain on human behaviour which should be dealt with the worst of punishments, but if the judge is one to give pass of freedom to this then the voices of those who oppose or who will dare to speak up against this will sooner rather than later be the ones who will looked down on. We need to raise our voices, protest against changes even if it means breaking society to root out the evil before it ends what is left of what makes us human.

Publisher and editor: Mary S
About Mary S (39 Articles)
Author, editor, publisher and researcher.

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