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Transgenders: Freaks of nature

The worldwide majority who do not explicitly accept the trans ideology are declassed as a minority and given the title bigots and transphobic in order to place certain agendas into action, and it is these people whose silenced voice cannot even echo within their own four walls, after-all even walls have ears.
For thousands of years in the making as long as history goes back it has gone through different phases of highs and lows in all aspects of identity. Trans is not something new, there is no denying that these groups of people have always been there either hidden in the closet or cast as freaks of nature through cross dressing, queer-ism or being born into intersex who neither fit into the definition of male or female.
However evolution states that core of ideology, principle and biology of given facts is that there are only two genders; male and female in order to create a balanced world and there is not buts or if’s denying this. It is a moral nature of two genders to procreate, thus life goes on.
However the nature of balance is at its edge, there is a whiff of moral panic in the air, that underpins the core anxieties and struggles that the world is facing. Questioning the basis of identity of genders itself and giving new births neutral genders gives the impression on how the peak of civilisation at its knowledge comes crashing down due to sheer ignorancy.

As the world changes rifed with left and right policies either from political governments, certain group movements or mere stupidity the value determined to be either male or female is being stripped in front of our eyes at an alarming rate, with rights of woman squashed on a daily basis and the judgement of men’s actions being questioned. We ask ourselves who gave these small group of people who determine judgement and rewrite history the right to shun all biology and science at its feet. You cannot make genders up, it is not how evolution or biology works. Unfortunately the trans groups agendas are far more devious and damaging as it now controls the right to determine they are right whereas the rest of the majority of the world are wrong and any academic who states that women don’t have a penis as a obvious fact are being non-platformed and losing their jobs for asserting that. You have to determine on whether transgender people can be hated or is it the fact that they cannot be questioned or asked how is it even possible for men to be born into female bodies without being labelled as “hate speech” and offensive when in fact science and biology not only proves this statement but the principle on why humans are created to begin with is inevitably obvious.

Gender identity are in the feelings and thoughts which develop overtime and therefore are not hard wired, it is a simple false belief that these groups can think men miraculously change into women and vise versa. It is a simple social construct which is increasing at higher rate fulled by social media which is brainwashing the younger generation. It is known that a large number of girls come out as trans after becoming completely immersed in online trans communities and that they do so in groups influenced by peers, communities, social pressures and online social medias. It is this internet which is accelerating the social contagion where the idea of being transgender spreads rapidly in a short amount of time interlinked with the fact that medical practices have a free licence to use children as guinea pigs with no questions asked. Either deliberately or out of misguidance, doctors who are working with young children who seem to imitate the opposite sex, administer puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgeries less burdensome – even though the drugs have been know to stunt the children’s growth and risk causing sterility which feeds another fact to certain groups of depopulating the world. Such action is child abuse, given that close to 80% of those children will eventually abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated. The pro-transgender advocates do not want to know that studies show between 70% and 80% of children who express transgender feelings spontaneously lose those feelings over time yet we still continue to mutilate children’s bodies for some feelings one might express. Despite the lack of any rigorous scientific evidence certain Trans rights charities such as Mermaid dismiss any other reason for the children’s identity crisis and are bound to cure them by means of hormone blocking pills and sex surgery. This all came from the campaigning and pressure over the years from trans lobbies, psychiatrists don’t really search for a cure anymore and instead patients esp children are increasingly left to believe they are whatever gender they want to be. If this isn’t a green light for malpractice then what is?

Along with social pressures and hypes, it is possible that some endocrine disrupting chemicals researched and hidden have been found to create gender bending chemicals such as phthalates and Bisphenol A which are mostly found in plastics. These chemicals are found to feminise boys by mimicking the female oestrogen in their bodies along with various extrogenic hormones in foods. In recent studies it was found that freshwater male fish which were exposed to chemicals were exhibiting female characteristics with signs of other male fish becoming transgender. These findings and reports cannot be ignored as the link to the increase in trangenderism is ever so accurate..

Sex change in biologically is impossible whether today or in the near future. People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminised men or masculine women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder which in fact this is exactly what it is. It is a mental disorder which has created a obsession bubble fulled in social norms from everywhere we look and see, as the world changes and we are plastered with transgenders in all aspects of our lives, from teaching boys who dresses as a girl to preschool children, to giving the go ahead for gender neutral toilets and changing rooms where a young girl will come across and see a man dressed as a women but stark naked with a male penis, to trans women who smash women sports records in a blink of eye, a record that women have fought for years, to men who are conned thinking they have a relationship with a biological women only to find themselves humiliated when its a trans women, to men who use human rights as excuses for easy access to enable them to switch to female prisons because they identify as a female only for them to rape them and much more, and the increase in social media gurus, celebrities, instagrammers and you-tubers who shove content freely down our throats on a daily basis and the blunt of it is being felt by women. There is a concerted campaign by extreme trans activists to silence women. This campaign is encouraged by trans women, many of whom actively hate actual women. Any feminist or women group who act on their words are being attacked in many cases around the world and unfortunately it is the majority of women who are made to sacrifice for the sake of this new “equality” which infringes on their spaces and rights, and what women and girls are being coerced to cough up isn’t an unfair privilege but a leveler the trans lobby require.

However any speech or content that challenges this will either be blocked, imprisoned, fired, shunned and have you labelled as a transphobic and bigot for speaking the truth; all this and much more just because we deny the fact that there are 100 identities we could be from a trans to a neutral to a two spirit penguin one may say and just because we are adamant in keeping the two genders sacred.

Transgenderism is not biological fact, it stems from a psychological illness called Gender Dysphoria – it is still regarded as an illness by psychiatric bodies even today.
Transgenders do not truly know how it ‘feels’ to be the opposite gender and they never will because they are biologically still XX or XY even when and if they transition, so what they perceive as a feeling is a matter of fact just a construct in their minds.
Ray Blanchard who have done extensive research into studies of transsexualism, pedophilia and sexual orientation suffered death threats for publishing his research gives the wording of certain transgender plans as Autogynephilia, a sex-fuelled mental illness, in simple terms a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman. This identification appeals to some transgender people, who see the scientific-sounding term as a way to upgrade themselves in social acceptability to transsexuals rather than been labelled as compulsive masturbators, sex addicts, or people with a fetish for possessing a piece of female clothing or anatomy for which they really are, in other words a blatant disguise.

It does not take a PhD to figure out a mans claim to be a teapot; the line between valid identity and absurdity is arbitrary, which reinforces the idea that transgenderism is a movement which is rife with delusion and the younger generation are increasingly confused with this intolerant cult.
A dangerous movement where the lobby is demanding all rights and dictatorship against the majority peoples free speech. Transgenders and non-binary people insist on being called certain pronouns for their own benefit and their own personal choice is increasingly being enforced where language itself is being politicised, where it governs other people’s free speech, destabilising the whole assumption of free speech and changing thousands of years of language into the making to stupidity. The phrase sex assigned at birth is now into force because it gives way to gender identity as the real basis of a person’s sex instead of being physical sex. This is to counter the medical science use of words such as chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, or secondary sex characteristics to override gender identity. Using scientific-sounding words makes them sound more probable on how they fit in but remain silent with the fact that sex is a biological reality, hence they are filled with internal contradictions. On one hand they want the authority of science on the other hand they deny biology is destiny insisting you can be whatever X Y Z gender you please to be and challenging that be it from any community, scientist or academic will make you the fanatic and hence why the laws are speedily changing to suit their needs over the majority. This is authoritarian rule

The lobby is in no doubt demanding and hostile as it reaches for the higher political right to instigate their own plans and laws to abolish the genders outright and speaking out against these laws can be a powerful tool for change. The more the majority of the people question them the more platform they receive under the disguise of human rights which will eventually lead to society to adjust to the new norm with no questions asked. It’s the perfect way to bring down liberal democracy.

Understanding, morals, principles and biology are based on a good working knowledge of physiology, genetics, nature and endocrinology. Males are males and females are females. Those who identify’ under false pretences or as social new ins are otherwise just trying to convince us that a square is a circle or is biology transphobic too.
Politicians and those whose job is to make a balanced world with harmony are silent and fearful of questioning the trans-rights advocates and the consequences of their orthodoxy. Any person who takes actions against these trans lobbies are labelled as bigoted cultural social conservatives who renders morals and traditional values. There is a line between valid criticism and hatred, but if we cannot debate without being offensive, if we cannot produce scientific-sounding evidence without being attacked, where does the human rights and free speech stand. Is it a case of allowing freedom and right to one group only, if so it is obvious who pulls the strings but one should not be afraid of the consequences because failing to debate trans issues on the facts also creates the conditions for deliberate and harmful populism.
As stated trans people are not new, but the changing authority and forcing people to accept what cannot be validated in another thing, it is unfortunate to say that people who are born intersex are being undermined and used by these trans lobbies to get their platform across, they use the complex medical conditions of those who experience differences in sex development to prop up trans identities is itself inter phobic.
We live in an postmodern internet age of ideology, where ignorance breeds ignorance and common sense can make a world of difference, but then someone might get their feelings hurt. Unfortunately the world is being turned upside down to satisfy a tiny intolerant and viscous minority who seem too eagerly to cry foul play and it is to say the philosophy which dominates any society in that group is the one that holds the purse strings leading to a total authoritarian rule because with liberal insanity you will only get chaos. The society is at a crossroad that leads to destruction, the recent developments in transgender ideology has created historical milestones with the deliberate sexualisation of children at a very young age, the campaign to erase biological sex distinctives under gender mainstreaming. The targeted indoctrination of judicial, legal, teaching and police trainees to feed us this frenzy,.
The disdain for marriage and relationships followed by the curious eagerness to embrace LGBT partnerships, confusion of consummation and the vilification, persecution and maltreatment of mainstream critics and academics who dare to voice their opinions and ask questions. The rise in transgender mania is a sign of cultural collapse, which one should look into that is forcing the public to accept by the state. Needless to say this revolution like many others which have come and gone will consume itself, only time will tell.

Written and published by Mary S
References obtained:
When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, Ryan T. Aderson, 2018
About Mary S (39 Articles)
Author, editor, publisher and researcher.

4 Comments on Transgenders: Freaks of nature

  1. So curious why he’s wearing gloves. There’s holes in them…


  2. 100% correct all the way. Transgenders are head cases and freaks of nature


  3. Paul Blackmon // April 6, 2021 at 12:07 am //

    Hallefriggin’lujah – Words of TRUTH in satan’s realm of the 21st century. Thank you for eloquently expressing what I fail to find the words for.


  4. Bob Gunderson // May 24, 2021 at 12:37 pm //

    Instead of LGBTQIA – which they keep adding idiotic and redundant letters to, I use FREAK


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