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Cleansing the black race


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In the chaotic world we live in land is deemed more valuable than human blood but there is something more valuable than that and that is the colour of skin, questioning it might raise the question on whether we ourselves are insecure but not questioning it will make you part of a crime that is still unravelling in front of our eyes.
The white Caucasian society around the world be it the government or your very neighbour has played the race card long enough, ruling over nations, making black people slaves, belittling their IQ levels and even questioning their chain on the homo sapien level. After all it is proven by tests taken around the world that black people are lacking certain IQ making them less capable than white people and of other races, lacking the reason to think, to create, to bring anything new to science and crafts, etc, therefore their very existence is a mere mistake which in other words makes black people disposable and there is only one simple reason to why: fearing the superiority of the black race.
Science has proved since the start of civilisation humans first came into existence in the regions of Africa and were more likely black in colour. The migration of these people across the globe led to one of many till date thee greatest civilisations one after another to ever exist, from the great dynasties kings and pharaoh of the Egyptian era who advanced in knowledge of heavenly spheres, figures and points that represent and align with stars and planets, their positions and cycles, and also the foundations of mathematics and geometry to perfection only a superior mind can comprehend making it impossible and powerless for the white race to produce the grandeur of the surroundings to this date.
Heinrich Scheimann and Arthur Evans who are considered the father of modern archaeology and classical studies both admitted that the ancient Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations (ancient Greeks) were indeed Black African, which came up with unique art and architecture of ancient palaces and this contributed to the development of Western European civilisation as it is known today. Interestingly black Greeks never seems to come up in any modern history books.
The great Mayans, who developed the most sophisticated and highly developed writing system in pre-Columbia Americas, as well as for its art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system had cultural African traits due to their contact with the Egyptians, even though the Egyptian era was in decline many of the latest evidence unearthed proves the two cultures were into contact. Lets not forget the roots:
Axum Empire, modern day Ethiopia were known for its trading and navel strength getting praise from Arab empires describing it as ‘one of the four greatest powers of the world. Ancient Ghana rich in gold and an abundance of natural resources where people came from far to trade with them. The mali empire present day west Africa which was the source and main centre for education around the world where people flocked to. The Nok civilisation who came up with advanced and complex judicial system before modern ones were even invented. The kingdom of Kush located in Sudan known for its iron and archery skills. The most powerful Zulu empire which unfortunately got overthrown by the British empire during the colonial period, came out with brilliant military tactics. Ancient Carthage skilled in their furniture crafting that even the Romans tried but failed to re-create.
The list is endless, and no less states that the black race were more than kings yet this history doesn’t seem to come up unless one digs, you may ask yourselves why powerful black people who created the most monumental civilisation and spread them around the globe, that created the foundation for white European civilisations can over time succumb to being a worthless disposable race. After all we live in day where seeing a black man gives you the right to shoot at first sight.
It is to say white people be it in the United states, Europe or anywhere have sat on a throne that was already built. However to have the upper hand one would need to wage a war to attack the root of a once thriving race, and that is to diminish, undermine, colonise and devalue them over a long period of time until a time comes where they too feel useless, unable to comprehend and have no knowledge of who they are. They would create internal oppression so they begin to doubt their humanness. Any blacks who dared to step out of line were then whipped, lynched or otherwise punished. The effect was to produce the childlike, subservient, mentally slow sambo personality. The tactic was three simple steps; colonise, enslave and uneducate.
The British empire would colonise and overthrow these civilisations at a pace with created conflict from within and watching from afar, their tactics like cowards. Places overthrown would be looted by white Europe settlers claiming their achievements and other trophies as their own and bringing it back to Europe. Researchers would then savage the places of any educated books hence changing words and adding new contexts of how they found animal-like vultures who needed help by these white ‘colonisers’. You also had the likes of the Napoleon army who conquered Egypt in 1789 AD, destroying artefacts and structures that suggested black civilisation in Egypt ever existed. Psychoanalyst and revolutionary writer Frantz Fanon put it this way in his 1961 book, The Wretched of the Earth ‘Colonialism is not satisfied merely with holding a people in its grip and emptying the native’s brain of all form and content. By a kind of perverted logic, it turns to the past of the oppressed people, and distorts, disfigures, and destroys it’
Then came in the slavery and lack of education. Slavery wasn’t just physical, it was also mental and in order to achieve mental slavery, one of the devious plans white people did was not only had they made sure historical characters associated with greatness were renamed to white people but to deny any sort of education or open thought to the next generation who were to come. Once that was accomplished, the lack of quality in life in basic things came apparent and from it was came a catastrophic domino effect that still goes on today. Life expectancy, infant mortality, adult literacy, child literacy all dropped both in the African continent and the thousands of slaved people who were taken across the globe.
For over many generations, the literacy rate for a the child born down was non-existent. To the race who advanced in geometry, mathematics, arts and astronomy was a race now unable to do the simplest of tasks. To clear the kings one has to think of not days but hundreds of years in the making and the task of white people was accomplished with perfect results. The black race was nothing but slaved people, with no rights of human dignity and no rights of innocence until proven guilty. Any debates likely to be taken on this matter simply got answered by academics stating that blacks were incapable of civilisation, they were running from their own shadows therefore we had to colonise to make them civilised beings.
Knowledge is the key to everything, without knowledge you are nothing. Black people enslaved in the states were denied the basic of even reading a book just in case a spark may arise from them, although until recently enslavement has been abolished the mental mindset and social quality of life remained worser than ever, it left behind a way of life completely decimated, a people so traumatised they began to loathe everything about themselves: their skin, their languages, their dress, their customs and with that came the unprecedented violent crime levels which gave an excuse to the whites of their justification of treating black people worser than animals and the education they did receive was revised into something new; being taught false history on how first man was white, how traces of European white DNA showed Egyptians must have therefore been white. The teaching methods of today portray how the black man is an inferior race that contributed nothing or lacks the capability to contribute to the world’s development. It’s quite unfortunate that the black generation today has been brainwashed to feel inferior to the people they once ruled and dominated.
After all this how can IQ level be than equal to that of a white man which had everything fed to them on a plate. If amongst a certain group nutrition is poor, health care deficient, housing debasing, family income is low, family disorganisation is prevalent, discipline anarchic, ghettos are wide spread, personal worth consistently diminished, expectations are low, and aspirations frustrated, then one may expect the kind of failures in intellectual development that are so often gratuitously attributed to genetic factors by scientists.
The level of high crime and unjust justice still prevails at an exaggerating rate between the black which will not change over night, but we can change all these by re-engineering the minds of the black people with raw facts of science and history, re-engineering and educating non-blacks of history of the blacks in now white dominated Europe, to this they will question that migration is nothing new but it was there from the beginning. However racism is something not easily changed, it thrives in countries where blacks have failed. In an ironic liberal dream; a change in education, laws, and cultural exchange racism would die but unfortunately that is not the case because instead of pointing fingers at whites racism also thrives in black communities itself, with corruption, poverty and the lack of knowledge amongst their own people. They are their own worst enemy.
To be kings of nations one must not say he is king put prove he is a king. The white people have proved and created nothing of their own, the achievements have been taking from others, destroying nations and making a facade a prestige picture of how entitled they are. Those are not traits of a superior race but traits of weak cowardly species, therefore no matter how hard they try a white race can never be kings.
It is to say that Black people today love talk of descending from African kings and love titles, but how does living in the past help today. The past defines the future, does it not?
Racism will not change, it is not about personal power but rather about national power, power of the masses .The very day any black nation stops its corruption, stops relying on white handouts as charity, stops asking what if, has the courage to talk with their head up high unafraid of white leaders, invests in its youths, has top military, space and nuclear capability, top educational facility and best healthcare in the world, racism itself will go into immediate remission, from there would emerge the re-birth of black superiority.

Published article by Mary S (Editor)
Colonizing and decolonizing minds, Marcelo Dascal, Tel Aviv University
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