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Geometric reality?

By Fang Fang. October 18, 2016

Image# By Fang Fang. October 18, 2016

You may want to ask yourself the question asked by many people over the centuries, where there’s a hologram or alternate parallel universe with multiple layers controlled by geometrical symbols, then there is a controller, if that’s the case who’s the controller?

This question has been asked by many scientists, enthusiasts, and religious leaders but all lead to the same path of it going unanswered. It may seem that although with the latest technological breakthroughs provided in today’s world we would be able to answer it as a simple answer, but it is far from simple. Not only will this answer affect our scientific theories, history and revolutions in many ways rebuking science itself but it affects us humans overall; our morals, everyday actions and our very existence becomes questionable.

Quantum gravity research is a group of scientists that has underlying caused ripples to debunk the fact that the reality and everything in it is made from energy, instead the everyday information of language and codes is symbolism itself, and it is this code and language that creates geometry which includes our consciousness which determines the past and present and future as if it was on a time loop which emerges the fact that time itself is non-existence. Scientifically it is unproven as of today if time exists, and there is no current theory that explains why the speed of light is as it is and who’s to say this quantum gravity theory isn’t in a number of parallel universes. Geometric symbols are sacred and a jewel to the existence of life if understood correctly, this sacred geometry involves universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality. In other words, it may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, a complex system of religious symbols and structures involving space, time and form in this world and in space. After all geometric shapes in space are endless which can create a theory time loop of past, present and future all happening at the same moment and the consciousness of our decisions is what makes the ultimate anomaly.

However, this ties the next theory of a hologram universe which itself is a property of quantum gravity bearing in mind in this holographic universe everything we perceive is just an illusion. In other words what we perceive to be a three-dimensional universe might just be the image of a two-dimensional one, projected across a massive cosmic horizon. So how does this go hand in hand with a time loop of past and present. Well, the hologram idea is a string theory, a theoretical framework in which point-like particles are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. Defining overall how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. Thus, the string theory is a theory of quantum gravity itself.

If this deception of space is correct, then the universe(s) is a motherboard of a broader network of computers. So, who’s controlling the perception of reality?

To monotheism religion(s) the hologram theory is a needle in a haystack, a path to salvation and underlying proof of the existence of a designer and a creator. The existence of god itself as the controller. In times when atheisms are prevalent and Darwin theories are more acceptable, religious groups are turning and using science to illustrate and represent religious tenets. Secularism has always been prevalent between religion and science, in being sciences mission to always attempt to disconnect man from god. It is easy to state that the theory of everything is, E=MC2 however the quantum consciousness combines the big bang, star dust, black holes and curled up dimensions into one answer. However, many have questioned this itself by stating if the universe is an illusion, isn’t the perception of believing in god and everything we do. Is religious belief a simple manifestation of what science has yet to explain?

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The Quantum Theory and Reality, by Bernard d ‘Espagnat, Scientific American, 1979
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