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Liberal failure of the justice system

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We all believe that justice gets served in the court room, with the final decision lying in the hands of the judge sitting on top, we wait till the hammer goes down. All scorching eyes will be on the panel and the final verdict with life changing consequences; guilty or innocent. But when justice system fails itself some take the laws into their own hands, justification of their behaviour is not acceptable for those that do, but neither will casting them aside be of any good. But have you ever thought about why some people in society do take this route. It all lies in the justice, there is a belief that as long as you have money and power you can buy justice, which in the eyes of the common people makes the law very cheap and unjustified.
The system is a complete joke to use a lesser word, a system of corruption and delegation of parties of its own. Take a look at the US and the UK. Two countries miles apart where the crime is one yet they receive two very different verdicts, however this is understandable, after all they are two different countries. but what happens when one law is too harsh for the perpetrator and the other is too lenient after all the society members of poles apart have different perceptions and behavioural characteristics but does this justify the difference in sentence when the crime is one.

The justice system is definitely faulty and part of the reason why perverts, rapists, drug-dealers, child Paedophilias and thieves get out of jail is because we don’t have space for them in the prisons so in order to make a vacancy they have so they release the next person whose crime was less extreme but still extreme never the less. In other words stupidity, inefficiency and greed are the shortcomings of the current system.
Why does it seem like we have people buying their way out of jail and people blackmailing and using bribery, which is a norm but not talked about.

One intriguing case was of the British student, Richard O’Dwyer, A British citizen yet the courts have declared that there is no case to answer in the UK however he faces extradition to US for copyright infringement on websites. He offered links to pirated films online, but hosted no illegal content, merely directing users to where it was held. Surely, if this student has done something illegal by directing users to specific websites that must make Google, Yahoo,, ipage, FatCow Green hosting, Host Monster, Hub, Immotion, Hostpapa, ipower and numerous other sites illegal too. Why pick on one individual? Because the US have the power to do so.
It’s about extraditing someone to a country where they will be prosecuted for an act that is not currently illegal in their own country, but of course the US are a hypocrite to this because they surely will never extradite their own people. Just look at Amanda Knox, the Italian authorities surely would love to have her back for trial.

The US system is harsh, with many criminals inside, some were considered guilty before innocent, but another main aspect of the harsh sentences is race, black people like it or not are ten times likely to be found guilty and locked up even if they had the same crime as others. Someone once said to me, want to know if a countries racist or not just look at the majority of people locked up inside.

Some examples below are where innocent people have spend years behind bars for crimes they did not commit.

Taylor, 51, and Gould, 48, were released on the order of Rockville Superior Court Judge Stanley Fuger, for being convicted of the 1993 killing of a New Haven store owner. They were falsely convicted because they were poor and black .Ronald Taylor and George Gould, wearing shackles and the orange jumpsuits assigned to the state’s convicted killers, entered courts flanked by prison guards.They left in new clothes fresh off the hangers, flanked by their families and basking in the court’s affirmation that despite 16 years in prison, they were never murderers at all. Simple fact they were robbed of their lives. And they were just a few examples, there have been any more since then released after years of being wrongfully convicted. I can’t say much for these particular cases but throwing people in jail for consuming something without any associated real crime is ludicrous and expecting justice from the United States is analogous of expecting mercy from an executioner. But remember an executioner is just following orders of his superiors. After all these courts failed to convict Nazis war criminals when they were secretly working for CIA to gather INTEL of their cold war enemy USSR so how can they defend common citizens.
The justice system fails a lot of people as a result of many different causes. False or inaccurate testimony. Lack of evidence. Corruption among the police, judges and other involved parties. There isn’t exactly one root cause to it, and among them all the death penalty in the US is an easy way out unjustified in many cases but a recent US death study row showed 4% of defendants to die are innocent. Would you call that justice.

My saying is a broken system of justice shouldn’t command the utmost faith; it should arouse the utmost scepticism

The U.S. after all is not a forgiving country, and most Americans believe in harsh punishment for serious crimes but North Korea isn’t better. Many countries around the world have there way, but when rich educated civilised countries are based on corruptive and unjustice law it shows how the average man can be left defenceless to his own mercy. In all this the principle of proportionality, really, the very notion of justice in sentencing seems to have been overthrown.
One dreads to think how many innocent people are in U.S. prisons will be felons for life, because they were offered the choice of a relatively light sentence if they pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, or the risk of decades of incarceration if they preferred to take their chances with a maxed-out indictment at trial.
Criminal justice is no longer about justice. It’s about avoiding to avoid trial, bluffing and deal making. Just look at the war on drugs, a complete joke that fact is that the US has more inmates than China, Russia or anywhere else.

Where one system is too harsh the other is too lenient. I can say that as a UK citizen and day in day hearing on cases makes the blood boil and the tool that these criminal are getting away with is the law of Human Rights, what about the human rights for the victims. The fact that well known and wanted terrorist immigrants can sue the British government, and even sue us using legal aid is beyond anyone.

Given that detection rates are quite high in the UK compared to the rest of the world then we can say that the Police do their job well, bravo (not perfect but a lot better than most other country’s) but as for the courts some judges should be investigated to see if their judgement is right as some sentences are sick and an insult to victims.

Everyday we read stories about people committing horrible crimes and getting no punishment, for example 15 years for defrauding a bank and 5 years for rape makes no sense at all. Unjustified to its extreme. In one case last year, a man was sentenced to 60 days for repeatedly molesting a 4-year-old over a period of 2 years. Under national public pressure, he recalled the sentence and awarded the guy 3 years.
Britain’s so called justice system is a gross misnomer, morally bankrupt, utterly enfeebled and hopelessly incompetent, our criminal courts fail spectacularly to provide justice for the public.
Thousands of criminals walked free from court and many managed to avoid a spell behind bars and half of all burglars and arsonists did not receive a custodial sentence at all.

So where is the balance between serving justice in this world. Is it all about money power and corruption and if you know that justice is wrong or wont be served to you, are you willing to take the laws into your own hands.
When a law is so wrong would you fight to change it. If that means people start breaking it and being sent to jail, that is what people would do. Would you become a vigilante who illegally punishes someone for perceived offences, or participates in a group which metes out extrajudicial punishment to such a person. I mean at times I wonder if I had the right to do a citizens arrest. But if justice starts being served at home and not in the courts don’t you think there will be utmost chaos in he world. Whichever direction we turn to there will always be a limit and sometimes its just a matter of finding that balance, and in this balance many innocents are condemned, many lives are wasted and unjust people walk scratch free.

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