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Rise Of Dark Forces


Creator: Vera Petruk Credit: Vera Petruk // Shutterstock Black magic, Satanism, and sorcery is the use of supernatural powers, a belief system or rituals for malicious [...]

Jerusalem, an invitation to war?


Any law the US passes is a law considered a done deal and not only does the world give into this it also takes part in acknowledging and giving credit to an illegal Israeli state that exists on stolen land, but with the decision pending on the capital of Israel hence making its final move which will unleash a domino of catastrophic events worsening situations in already hostile territories which consist of killings, racism, hate crimes against religion and unjust moral laws while all along protecting to serve its own interests, in simple terms it is deafening to the invitation of war knocking on the door. [...]

Geometric reality?


You may want to ask yourself the question asked by many people over the centuries, where there’s a hologram or alternate parallel universe with multiple layers controlled [...]

Human intervention on divine matters


Technology around us has given us an adaptive zone in which humans have evolved successfully on Earth and are now planning to place colonies on other habitable planets with [...]