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Q and the Army of digital soldiers


The origins of Q vary from individuals to groups to a worldwide movement opening eyes to reality, but the reality is threading on a very dangerous line shrouded in mysteries, [...]

Jerusalem, an invitation to war?


Any law the US passes is a law considered a done deal and not only does the world give into this it also takes part in acknowledging and giving credit to an illegal Israeli state that exists on stolen land, but with the decision pending on the capital of Israel hence making its final move which will unleash a domino of catastrophic events worsening situations in already hostile territories which consist of killings, racism, hate crimes against religion and unjust moral laws while all along protecting to serve its own interests, in simple terms it is deafening to the invitation of war knocking on the door. [...]

Populism – Enemy of the State ?


Humanity is at crossroads; we are now living in an era where the defender of the common man is given the title of ‘enemy of the state’. Insurgent groups are one [...]