Same sex parents over nuclear Families

When you mention a nuclear family, you often have the typical image of two parents and two kids in mind, but are nuclear families on the verge of been instinct, considering in mind the high divorce rates, increase in homosexuality and the acceptation of gay marriages in society. Has the typical nuclear family which once stabilised the society been replaced with something much more stable. But then the other alternative would be that has the decrease of nuclear families in a matter of fact caused breakdown in family and communities throughout.

The ‘nuclear family’ was the perfect fit for capitalism and the culture of individualism and wealth. Handy little self-contained units collecting lots of stuff for their little houses, their only financial commitment being to consume, without the hassle of extended commitments but in the past decades nuclear families have gone through major changes in their structure caused by divorce and any more reasons often leading to single-parent families, remarriages, and resulting in extended families. I’m not saying extended families are a bad thing, in the ideal recession we live in they do come handy.

This is where the biased comes in, because we often associate the perfect nuclear family as having a male and female parent, and not of the same-sex. This can cause a lot of controversy for certain individuals or groups of people, I mean in today’s society all gay people or all feminists are interested in ‘undermining the nuclear family model’ and it’s not surprisingly why they do so. However if we tend to favour a few minority of people we start alienating the major back forces of these ideologies in the first place. I tend to mean people who are very traditionalists or even religious sectors. It’s for the fact that two main religions in the world Christianity and Islam go against these beliefs, they believe that family unit consists of a male and female parent only. So where is the balance to keep all satisfied. Well there isn’t a balance. And this is a huge problem we face in the 21st century. Why?, because we see a lot in favour of the same-sex.

  • Some advocates of gay politics have the ambition destroy to the traditional nuclear family, well what’s left of it that is.
  • We live In a society where Court backs gay marriage and says divorce may strengthen family life. Lord Wilson, of the Supreme Court, says “divorce may strengthen family life” and Hitler was good for the Jews and Stalin good for Russia and global warming is good for flooding in the UK. Is it any wonder the countries are going down the pan, when these people have permeated the highest levels in the judiciary to shamelessly preach and promote their warped views of the world. May I say more..
  • You have promotion of homosexuality in the open, from sports to the very media that controls our lives. If you’re a fan of the American sitcom ‘The modern’ you probably noticed the two gay men who adopt a little girl as their own. I mean it promotes that this is the perfect family in the world we live in and its okay to do so and to accept it.

However you may argue that the decline of the traditional nuclear family may not be a bad thing after all. I mean, in a fragmented society, many people are living isolated lives as it is, impoverished lives where they don’t even speak to their neighbours. It may be so, never the less the nuclear family has its advantages.

  • The nuclear families are usually a well maintained economical family
  • Financial Stability Equals More Opportunity
  • Children who are provided with these types of opportunities are more likely do better academically and socially, as well as develop confidence and time management skills
  • Children who have both stability and consistency in their lives are more likely to behave positively, do better in school and become more involved in community and extracurricular activities

Homosexuality and acceptance of same-sex marriages is not the only reason for the nuclear family breakdown. Now days the natural family has been replaced by the liberal democratic family where the newly elected “parent” moves in and the natural parent moves out. Hence the divorce rates and remarriages, leading to step parents, step children and half siblings. It fragments the family into bits all over, destabilising the family as a whole. Remember a two parent families, whether married or not, tend to be more stable than a single parent, multi-generational family or of the same-sex.  Although there was a recent study showing that there was “no evidence” to support the claim that children’s masculine or feminine tendencies were affected by having gay or lesbian parents, nor were the quality of their family relationships significantly different. I would say likewise, remember the it takes years for the effects to occur on the next generation. Even though I widely condemn the fact that same-sex parents have more priority and acceptance that of different sex parents. It not only affects the community but the children themselves are at the forefront, and this is a potential issue for children who have been adopted by a gay couple for instance because the relationship model is outside the usual social norm, so socializing when they become adults may become a task for them itself. It is widely correct to say that no two female couples can ever replace a father figure as role and no two male couples can ever become mother figures, so I guess nature does has its way because no matter what society does and what we want, nature has its way of preserving what is rightfully right and what is wrong.

Society only accepts what it is taught and the more power these feminists and the global political correct elite gain in society, the less decent, the less compassionate and the more decadent society will become. If certain laws are passed from high officials giving the green light, the wider the phenomenal will be. It surprises me that more is done to accept the change as it is and less is done to encourage the development of nuclear families.

By Maria’m AS (ed. Truthrevoloution)

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3 Comments on Same sex parents over nuclear Families

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic // August 12, 2014 at 4:46 pm //

    In my humble opinion:

    I think any child would benefit from having two parents (traditional or same-sex) that are focused on their emotional and mental development.

    Far too often we see a single parent or a dysfunctional “traditional” family that neglect their parental responsibilities and the child is the one the ultimately suffers for that.

    We say that love is color blind. Why can’t it also be blind to sexual orientation?


  2. True, love is colour blind. I tend not to be biased but I do give my opinions on topics that do hit hard to me. Although seeing it from one point of view, we cannot determine this new trend lets say of having same sex parents will be good for children, the results will take time. Although we might give the same love and care to the children, their would always be in my opinion a lot of things that would be lacking and missing in their lives, although personally I don’t think this is right. It would be good for a change to see encouragement of families coming together like they were then influences on other aspects. so strictly putting love to one side, been parents to children is on another level, which definitely needs male and female parents.


  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic // August 12, 2014 at 6:29 pm //

    I do understand the role of the “male” parent in the family (as a father of two kids, I see the need). I am not contrasting the merits of traditional vs non-traditional parenting but more stating that I feel non-traditional parenting is potentially more beneficial than a single parent or dysfunctional-traditional family situations.


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