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Good choices don’t come with devil horns



Emotions could influence a bad decision even if it was meant for a good purpose. Can it? undefying statement but the logic behind it certainly seems to think so. in every point in our lives big or small we make constant decisions, whether food or bad. This article is based on how bad decisions that are made in an instant can have huge consequences are actually based on current emotions that a person tends to feel at that particular time, even it meant that a humble quiet person who stays happy most the time can make a life altering change with out knowing they’ve put all the cards on the table.

Remember good choices don’t come with devil horns.

Anything we do is so basic, breaking it down the process is simple, we determine what we want to achieve, and then the value of it, we look at the options and then we decide. But in real life unfortunately it doesn’t work like that that. So what goes wrong that we end up killing someone in a split second. Is it something like wrong place wrong time.

Fear of doing the wrong thing leads to stress and stress is what’s sets us up for failure, a choice which you never had made. In fact high stakes decisions increase the activity in our brains, ramping up emotional stress and clouding our attempts at clear-headed thinking and any good thinking you do simply flaws our judgement. In most cases, we have bad information which then leads to bad choices and if you’re confronted with too many options and too many choices, your brain overheats, and you lose the ability to sift and analyze the only information thus leaving you doing something stupid.


Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp

Look at the famous OP case., which has been eagerly followed by masses. Oscar Pistorius the blade runner, not going into much about it as its still an on going trial it is however a perfect example of the portrayal of lacking judgement and uncontrollable thinking when he gunned down his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, in a instant moment of shots in self defence, well he says “ I made a mistake” again an instant bad decision based on emotions he was feeling at the time which were fear, paranoia and risk to his life from an intruder. Maybe?, or if it was pre-meditated murder his emotions could have been based on anger and stress, but the fact remains the same that emotions played a high part stake in which this runner became a killer in a split second, a decision that he made in an instant that will probably haunt him for the rest of his life.

Or how about the gambling addict 35 year old Manas Kapoor who worked for Morgan Stanley and who strangled his wife in a fit of rage on the day he was to attend a disciplinary meeting after losing the bank millions of pounds. Emotions levels were very high, on the day he feared he was going to be sacked. Obviously fear and failure towards his wife played a major part in this, gambler to a murderer in an instant.

There is certainly a saying that when a making a decision emotions can play a bigger part and in most cases, if your emotions are on the negative side of things chance is you end up making a bad decision in a brink moment which leads to severe consequences, call them mistakes but they will be life threatening mistakes with the chance of it affecting others. But we don’t think of those consequences.

Why don’t we?

because they occur subconsciously in a heated moment, and stronger emotions often get overlooked. Rational thinking and decision making leave no room for feeling and  thinking sub consciously, but these are often considered irrational occurrences that distort reasoning out of anger fear and danger. with this human body plays a vital role, when the brain activity starts playing the stress levels increase leaving you unable and difficult to comprehend the basic tasks.

What would you call it?

Maybe an accident waiting to happen, but the portrayal of characteristics in a person does not define an individuals outcome, sometimes good people can make bad choices.

Folk theories abound when it comes to the topic of how feelings affect decision making, traditionally, emotionality has been portrayed as the opposite of rationality and effectiveness. Now look at it in a scientific debate, where some argue that feelings are a source of unwanted bias therefore need to be properly regulated whether its in an office environment, at home or outside. Wherever you are these negative feelings can cause severe consequences, even if these objective feelings do not show they still may exist, it may be towards a certain object or a person where anger and fear are primary on the forefront.

In perspective of saying decision making is not bad but a natural phenomenal, it’s a give and take in most cases. Its an essential to everyday life that defines us as humans. However implying it be in a fit of rage or in a moment of lust that ten second vital choice can become very costly, it can cost your life, somebody else‘s. It can cost your work, your family and everything you have around you. So think before you make an irrational choice based on your emotions, most times no doubt its unstoppable but at certain times it can be deterred. However we tend to be risk takers and end up blaming the situation that we were put in the first place instead of owing up to responsibility and people should create decisions to their logical conclusion before acting upon them, it’s unstoppable but not unavoidable.

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